Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Work in massive progress!

Hi guys,

Well aside from being way too lazy, I've been struggling with my sims. I've created 3 new sims, which I will share soon, along with the others I mentioned before and still haven't uploaded. For some reason, clicking "add to blah.rar", is far too much effort. My laziness is producing really sterotypical sims, and that's seriously pissing me off. I made 3 good sims out of the crapalooza of them that I made today.

I'm trying ever so hard to make a sim with Traelia's skin tone, but they keep turning out fugly. I'm not sure if it's the colour I'm using, maybe I need to go lighter on her skin tone. No idea. I have discovered my top whatevers of skin tones tho:

1. Lady FrontBum's Busty St Claire (aka Naughty skin)
2. Aikea Guinea's Slave skin
3. Kanno's Moonlight skin
4. 234jiao's Asian skin
5. Subaxi's NR female skin (Gotta love that cleavage)

I used to like Peggy's skintone, but I have issues with her shading on the faces. It looks...powderey. The bodies are okay, if your into massive cleavage. They make sims look top heavy, which I guess isn't such a bad thing.

I need ideas of sims to make. I was thinking of delving into making some celebs, but I can't be stuffed downloading Bella's facial sliders. I was browsing around on EvaTer's blog and she has some nice CC on her sims. I've found that clothes or accessories or hairstyles give me ideas on sims to make that match those items.

Anyway, enough of my bitching. I've tweaked a sim I made a couple of weeks ago. Originally, her hair was much lighter. I've always found it frustrating having black hair on my sims, just due to the shading. It can look like just a solid black mass on the sims head if you don't highlight it properly. I pulled her out of the Sim bin after Rose released that head jewellery thing. I originally had Escand's eyes for her, but I didn't colour them properly, so she looked cartoonish. Here's a preview, let me know what you think.

---------Miss LochNess---------

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EvaTer said...

Ohh, wow !! She looks absolutely gorgeous !!