Sunday, June 13, 2010

New: Emily White

Hi all,

So since my last post, I've been going through some of my sims and tweaking and rearranging them. In some cases, doing a total overhaul. As is the case with this sim and another sim I will post later.

This is Emily, initially she was made with Peggy's skintone, and she was supposed to be the sterotypical "popular girl at school". I thought she was done and good to go, but my Mum (who loves to snoop), took one look at her and told me she was horrible. Apparently it looked like I had put no effort into making her at all. Which I guess is true, she's nothing like Audrey or Mia. Plus, it didn't take me half as long as it usually does to make her. So, I pulled her out of the sim bin and attempted to fix her up.

She is probably not everyone's cup of tea, since my most popular sims seem to be my pin-up styles ones, which are also my favourite too. :) However, I like making all different types of sims, one type of sim just bores me. Plus, I have a crapalooza of skintones to play with. :D

New Emily:

Old Emily:
Em's CC:

Hair: Peggy
Eyes: Escand's "Oh My Eyes" @ ModTheSims
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Makeup: Lips @ The Sims World; Eyeshadow from Simsimay @ TSR.
Outfit: Modern_Sims @ TSR (inc. shoes)
Scarf: NewOne
Skintone: Kanno's Moonlight Skin @ GoS. ND version here.

I've only uploaded the new version of Emily, the old version has met my recycling bin.


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