Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh, Summer.

Good evening Ladies and Gents!

Well, it's freezing cold down here. 3 degrees celcius, woohoo, nothing I love more than FREEZING to DEATH. I know that's not very cold for most people, but in Australia that's freezing :D Well...for people who live where I do it is. Enough complaining. To all those experiencing summer at the moment, I am jealous of thou.

Anyway, to the point. I have a new sim for everyone. In honor of the summer I am missing, I made a sun kissed sim for everyone. Guess what I named her? Summer! GASP! Hehe. She looked horrible in CAS! I was going to discard her, but I decided to trial her in game first. A lot of skintones I've found, look much better in game and some look better in CAS. You win some, you lose some I guess.

I'm loving Traelia's skintone at the moment. You guys may remember, or not, the drama I was having with it. I basically never TRIED a sim with it and played in game with the skin. Looks great in game, in CAS not so much. Could also be due to the fact I only have the ND version of it, and it's only one colour dot. I will NOT replace my defaults at any costs, they belong to LadyFrontbum. She's a genius. Man, I got derailed there. Jeez. PIC SPAM TIME!

Summer Thornton: Summer's CC:

Hair: My Blue Book; Raon.
Eyes: Escand's "Oh My Eyes" @ MTS
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Makeup: All by Subaxi. Here & Here.
Outfit: Lorandia; Sleepwear is by Liana, I have NO idea if its from her site or her TSR account.
Earrings: Peggy
Tattoos: Lorandia (ankle tattoo); Other tattoos by Traelia @ MTS.
Shoes: Base game.
Skintone: Traelia's ND Realism Skin @ MTS


You know, it's interesting the effects you can get when you make your wallpaper, metal. I mean the metal pattern. It creates awesome lighting effects. :D

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cry Baby

Here are Experiment 1 & 2:

Background:I was rummaging through my collection of Johnny Depp DVDs when I came across "Cry Baby". While watching it, I was also playing The Sims. The sims I created ended up being influenced by the movie. They aren't based on ANY characters in particular, just the way they look. That isn't exactly spot on either. I did end up naming one of them after a character though.

Subject No. 2
Subject name: Ricki.
Ricki's CC:

Hair: Peggy
Eyes: Escand's "Oh My Eyes" @ MTS
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Eyeliner & Lips: Also Subaxi. Here & Here.
Outfit: Katelys @ TSR; Swimwear is also Katelys (top only, bottom is base game)
Shoes: Base game.
Socks & gloves: Base game.
Arm band: WA

Tattoos: Stomach tattoo by BluElla @ TSR; Lower back tattoo by NewOne @ MTS
Skintone: Aikea Guinea's Slave Skin @ Club Crimsyn


Subject No.1
Subject name: Hatchetface.

Hatchetface's CC:

Hair: Aikea Guinea's default replacement retextures @ Club Crimsyn.
Eyes: Escand's "Oh My Eyes" @ MTS
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Eyeliner & Lips: Subaxi. Here & Here.
Outfit: Katelys @ TSR; Swimwear: I can't remember where I got the top from, bottom is base game.
Gloves: Base game.
Leggings: Base game.
Shoes: Base game.
Tattoos: BluElla @ TSR & NewOne @ MTS

Skintone: Same as Ricki.


Experiment: Complete.

Hope you guys like them!

Friday, June 25, 2010

American McGee's Alice

Ok, this is no way NEAR as good as I wanted it to be, but I tried. :)

I haven't seen any Alice sims, there were a lot back in TS2 times, but I haven't seen any for TS3, I am probably wrong, there is most definitly a better version out there, and I just haven't seen it. I'm going to go ahead and embarrass myself and upload this crap anyway! It was difficult creating her, just facial features wise. She is from a game, so her features aren't life like to begin with. She's also meant to be a little girl/teenager. My version, she's a Young Adult. I have changed a few things, just cause sticking exactly to the original was getting difficult. Also, the CC I found that suited Alice, was only made for YA. I couldnt find a pair of boots that I thought really looked like Alice's boots. I didn't like the base game ones either. I'm not smart enough to mesh or go in and change things. In other words: Yes I bitched out. Excuses, excuses, excuses. :P

I've based her off a statue I saw of her in a game's store, and the video game version of Alice.

I hope we all learn from this experience and someone makes something better. :D

Experiment 3: American McGee's Alice: Alice's CC:

Hair: Savio
Eyes: LemonLeaf
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Eyeliner: Kittehbomb's Sims
Lips: LemonLeaf
Outfit: Alis_Bairon's McGee Alice Dress @ GoS
Bloody hands: NewOne @ MTS
Knife: Bella3lek4's Blog
Boots: Forgot to take full length shots, but they are the base game boots. The above knee ones. At least I think so :S Can't remember if I changed them back or not.
Skintone: Aikea Guinea's Slave Skin @ Club Crimsyn or the ND version by Araenna @ GoS.


Predictability is wearing thin, ground breaking practice for the Preacher.

Hi Peoples,

So...I've been feeling creative the past couple of days and well, I'm sick of the sims I've been making. I wanted to...experiment. Try something different. Explore my creativity (that sounds weird). Which I highly doubt I've done, but anyway. Nothing like trying. There are 4 experiments in total, I will be making my way backwards. Two today and another two tomorrow. Those other sims I said I'd upload, can just wait for now. Let me know what you honestly think, constructive criticism is good. If no one likes these, I'll go back to my old day job.

Experiment No: 4
Subject name: Delilah Chang.
Delilah's CC:

Hair: By Bosie @ GoS
Eyes: Escand's "Oh My Eyes" @ ModTheSims
Eyebrows: Subaxi

Eyeshadow & Lips: Also Subaxi. Here & Here.
Eyeliner: (Not very visible)
Kittehbomb's Sims
Outfit: (1) Liana ; (2) Bra is base game & shorts by Simsimay @ TSR
Piercings: Aikea Guinea @ MTS
Tattoos: Vedic @
MTS & Traelia also @ MTS
Leggings: Base game.
Necklace: By WideOpenEyes @ TSR
Shoes: Ekineage @ TSR
Skintone: Traelia's Realism skin @ MTS & GoS


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She's finally here!

Here's Betty everyone!

Sorry for the lateness, pretty much I gave up trying to fix her and make her better. Hopefully you guys like her. Also, big thanks to ANYONE who downloaded the last sims I posted, they were so random I didn't think anyone would like them and some over at MS3B didn't, they cracked me up! :D I made them when I first started actually putting effort into the sims I made, hence disaster for some of them. Some I make now, aren't great either, but smeh. :D

Here's the pic spam everyone (yes, I took these in the nursery, I like the lighting in there :D): Betty's CC:

Hair: (1) Aikea Guinea's default hair replacements @ Club Crimsyn; (2) Newsea
Eyes: Lemon Leaf
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Lips: The Sims World
Eyeliner: Kittehbomb's Sims
Outfit: Both are @ All About Style (Top 1 & Top 2) & (Bottom 1 & 2)
Shoes: Both are @ Lili Sims
Accessories: Necklace @ LemonLeaf & earrings (2) @ Rose
Skintone: Subaxi's ND replacement skin.


I'll probably upload Noe next, or another sim I meant to upload when I posted Kate.

Have a nice day, or a good night everybody!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This sim = LOVE


Ain't she pretty, her name's Noe :D Sometimes I get scared of the eyeliner's that Subaxi releases, mainly the eyelash aimed ones. Just cause I NEVER know how to colour them properly and I end up making my sims look like they have weird crap growing on their eyeballs. 0_0

Also, I am avoiding anything to do with Betty. She makes me mad. Ha! Kidding. I mean slightly irritated. :P I need help I think, getting mad at your sims is not normal. That, or I need to head back to work soon.

I'm gonna pair Noe up with this sweetness, his name is Darko and he was made by Darko over at Darko Sims 3Maybe I should work on Betty now, while my game seems to be behaving itself. Nah I'm gonna go watch The Hangover.

---------Miss LochNess---------


Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates, my game is being a downright pain! It gets to the processing screen at the accept part of CAS and then freezes. I can't have more than ONE main game/town, cause any other games/towns I make at the same time, do not function properly. Kind of annoying.

Anyway, here are some random sims I found on my hard drive. They aren't like what I usually produce, but I figure maybe someone might like them. So they are up for Sim adoption :)

Dakota: Dakota's CC:

Hair: Peggy
Eyes: LemonLeaf
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Lipgloss: The Sims World
Outfit: Carrie Sims
Skintone: 234Jiao, made ND by Araenna @ GoS


Dawn: Dawn's CC:

Hair: Newsea
Eyes: Aikea Guinea's multi-coloured default eye replacements @ Club Crimsyn
Eyebrows: Subaxi.
Lips: The Sims World (Elf lip)
Necklace: PeggyZone.
Skintone: Papercat, made ND by Araenna @ GoS.


Cassie: Cassie's CC:

Hair: Newsea
Eyes: LemonLeaf
Lips: The Sims World
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Earrings: Rose
Skintone: Freckled Papercat ND Skin @ Miss Skitty's Custom Content

DOWNLOAD (I won't be offended if you don't, she ain't exactly beautiful :P)

This last sim was just me having some fun, she's a bit trashy, but I like her that way.

Angie: Angie's CC:

Hair: Peggy
Eyes: LemonLeaf
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Lips: The Sims World
Eyeshadow: I think it's by Simsvejo @ TSR I think it's called Live Alive.
Necklace: Rose
Top: BluElla (it's in the download forum, the "Butterfly top")
Skintone: Peggy made ND by Araenna @ GoS (look for the topic titled "Twin from Another Dimension")


Also, another thing I ALWAYS forget when I upload sims, I use Jonha's body sliders on all my sims, just the waist, hip and butt sliders, so I recommend these if you download my sims. However, I'm pretty sure they will look the same regardless.

Also of note, is if my sims appear black in CAS, then just select another skintone or different shade, the sim will still look weird, but then click the sim bin again (don't reselect the sim), wait a bit, and the sim should go back to normal.

Anyway, have fun with them. Hopefully some of you lovely simmers will give these guys a home. :) Any problems, leave a comment and I'll address it ASAP.

P.S. I will upload Betty at some stage. I'm still doing some tweaking and with my game being a douche, it might take a while. Sorry guys. :)

P.P.S Looks at this! I love Lady FrontBum! I've been playing with her new skintone.

---------Miss LochNess---------

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's like Christmas!

To everyone who loves free stuff, and doesn't know yet, our favourite site has been updated. To those who don't know what site that is or are thinking "what the hell are you going on about?", I place emphasis on *FREE* stuff, that otherwise is not free.

There's a whole lot of stuff from the FAs that create great custom content. :) Woops, I think I just gave it away, oh well.

Also, to the Anon at MS3B who gave me the facts on the comments section, thanks for that. :) I will be taking everything in my stride now. I just thought it necessary to say something about the state of the comments over at MS3B. To anyone who thinks I'm a bitch or have a bad attitude from what you read, I don't mean to come across that way.

Have a good rest of the day people, or to others in the world, have a good night!

---------Miss LochNess---------

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NEW: The Morrison Brothers.

Hi all,

I haven't been feeling very productive the past couple of days, so sorry for the no update thing. Plus, there hasn't really been much happening on the CAS custom content front huh? No real amazing clothes or accessories or whatever released for the past 3 days. And, I've been fighting with that sim I previewed a while back, the one with the damn head accessory. I'm not happy with her. Her face pisses me off. She's not accessorised right and she just overall sucks.

Anyway, here's those two dudes I previewed last post. Mr Geo and Mr Saul Morrison. I got Geo from I have no clue and Saul is from watching too much Pineapple Express. Hope you like them. :)


Geo:Geo's CC:

Hair: My Blue Book
Eyes: Aikea Guinea's default multi-coloured eye replacements @ Club Crimsyn
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Outfit: Shirt by AngelD @ TSR; Jeans by Aikea Guinea @ Club Crimsyn; Shoes and watch are base game.
Tattoos: "Our Lady Of Guadalupe" arm piece @ Kitty Klan; Hand tatts by NewOne
Piercings: Bridge piercing is by Amvalvo @ ModTheSims
Skintone: Naughty Male Non-Default skin tone by Lady Frontbum

I much like Geo, I think he's yummy for a sim. However, I probably wasn't very imaginative with him. Sorry about that. If you put blonde hair on him, you can probably have your own Fabio. If your into that kind of thing.

Saul: Saul's CC:

Hair: Peggy
Eyes: Club Crimsyn
Eyebrows: Subaxi (I honestly can not remember which ones I used.)
Outfit: Layered shirts by NewOne & Jeans also by NewOne. Shoes and specs are base game.
Tattoos: NewOne's L4Dead tatts.
Mo: His little fluff of hair is base game.
Skintone: Same as Geo.




Just for fun, here's Geo and his (annoying) wife Rain:

Her name's Betty: