Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She's finally here!

Here's Betty everyone!

Sorry for the lateness, pretty much I gave up trying to fix her and make her better. Hopefully you guys like her. Also, big thanks to ANYONE who downloaded the last sims I posted, they were so random I didn't think anyone would like them and some over at MS3B didn't, they cracked me up! :D I made them when I first started actually putting effort into the sims I made, hence disaster for some of them. Some I make now, aren't great either, but smeh. :D

Here's the pic spam everyone (yes, I took these in the nursery, I like the lighting in there :D): Betty's CC:

Hair: (1) Aikea Guinea's default hair replacements @ Club Crimsyn; (2) Newsea
Eyes: Lemon Leaf
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Lips: The Sims World
Eyeliner: Kittehbomb's Sims
Outfit: Both are @ All About Style (Top 1 & Top 2) & (Bottom 1 & 2)
Shoes: Both are @ Lili Sims
Accessories: Necklace @ LemonLeaf & earrings (2) @ Rose
Skintone: Subaxi's ND replacement skin.


I'll probably upload Noe next, or another sim I meant to upload when I posted Kate.

Have a nice day, or a good night everybody!

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