Saturday, May 29, 2010

3 New Sims and 2 makeovers!

Hello to my 1 follower! Woot!

Well, I was bored the past few days and since I had like 3 days off to kill, I made some new sims. I have no idea if I'll bother to upload them, but if people show an interest, then I'll give it shot.

My first Sim is a remake of a Sims 2 simmie I made. Her name is Temperley Khamvongsa, she's supposed to be a mix of Lakota/Laos/Irish. She was the spawn of my former Sims 2 sim, so that's where the Laos/Irish thing comes from. The Lakota, is my love of Native American culture...and men. :P

My next Sim, is Temperley's older sister Emery. She's also a remake of a Sims 2 sim, but she wasn't originally Temperley's sister. She was her Aunty. She's also the first Adult sim, I've made in the Sims 3. I don't like how their face gets so old and crap in the game. Like droopy. But anyways, here she is:

I'm a big fan of Mia Sable, whose kind of an indie artist from L.A. She's fantastic and I was listening to her new album while fighting with my PC, who decided to not recognise my iPod anymore. Anyway, I made a Sim of her when I first got the Sims 3, but my game crashed and I never bothered to try again. It's not a very good likeness of her, but smeh. I think she's pretty anyway.

This is a makeover I gave to a sim I found in CAS. I named her Seraphina and gave her some tatts!

Lastly, this is a makeover I gave to Agnes Crumpelbottom (?spelling). I also renamed her Lily, I'm not fond of Agnes. Anyway:

Well, I better be heading off to work. Not even half ready yet. HA! Stupid need money to live garbage. Well, til next time.

Simmmmm away!

- Miss LochNess.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello whoever reads this!

Hi and hello!

Welcome to Sim Style Parade (name is crap I know)!

The original post here mentioned something about no custom creations and I was only going to show off other peoples creations that I really liked. Well, decided to toss that idea out and upload some sims! I'm still in the early stages of sim making, but hopefully you guys like what I make. I'm not good at creating those fantastic sims that look like they have been ripped from reality. I don't have the time unfortunately. Plus, too many hacks crashed my game last time, and that left me quite bored.

I'm happy for you to use my sims for your game, modelling creations and whatever else you can use sims for that ain't illegal (:P), just give credit.

So til I bother to post something, keep simming away!

- Miss LochNess.