Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Little Black Box


Guess what?! I finished my assignment in ONE night, well 9 hours to be exact. Of course, I did come home from work at 7.30am, sleep some hours, emerge from my slumber at 7pm and then finally put down my pen at 4am. It's such a HUGE relief. Now I can be lazy and not feel bad for it. I can also update with some sims that will probably piss someone off. :P

I decided to make sim versions of Lestat and Louis. Now, these are Miss Lochness's versions, not Anne Rice's versions. I call them my 21st Century Lestat and Louis. They aren't modelled off Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, they are more loosely based off the descriptions given in the books. I've taken into consideration how they are described looks wise, however they aren't dressed from the Victorian Era, as I already said, I modernised them. Hope someone loves them. :D


"1791 was the year it happened. I was 24, younger than you are now. But times were different then, I was a man at that age."
"Louis my love, I was mortal till you gave me your immortal kiss. You became my mother, and my father, and so I'm yours forever."

Eyebags (Natural)



I assume I need no introduction" "Evil is a point of view. God kills indiscriminately and so shall we. For no creatures under God are as we are, none so like him as ourselves."

Eyebags (Natural)
Jeans (A)
Jeans (B)
Tattoo (NewOne has uploaded the tattoo as a seperate file in the D/L section)


(I know the ends of his hair are sticking out his jacket, but I've put up with it just for the awesomeness that is that hairstyle.)

I'll be back with another update (hopefully) within the next two weeks. Take care til then everyone!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Everyone, meet Miss LochNess's Mamma!

I've been a terrible daughter.

You guys may or may not remember that I made a sim of my beautiful Granny (aka the original Mable) as my first ever upload to this blog. I had created her as a tribute I suppose, she had passed away a week or so before I began working on a sim of her. Both her and my Pop raised me til I started kindergarten. Ahhh...anyway no one cares about that. Well, since then I've done my two closest cousins, my best friend (who I even begun a Doctor Who series on and haven't finished yet. Oops.) and a bunch of buddies from high school (they would be Sandra, Dani, Alex and Jade).

I only realised today while flicking through my sim bin, that I haven't made my Mother, my Pop or my Dad. I'm very family orientated, as I'm sure you've figured out thus far, though technically I don't have much family left. My Grandparents on both sides have passed away and so has my Father, but my Mum is still here. I begun working on her sim a few days ago and here is the result:Now, I'm not just saying this cause she's my Mamma, but isn't she bloody BEAUTIFUL?!!! In terms of my sim making skills, this has got to be the most realistic sim I've ever made. Thank you Arisuka for that defining mask. Obviously Mum doesn't look that young now, but she did at one stage. I'm so proud of myself. :D Also, look at this beautiful eyeliner:Isn't that shiz just INSANE?! You can get it here or perhaps maybe here. Doesn't Finn wear it well? Before I forget, I'll be gone for about two weeks guys, I might pop in here and there and try a random update, but my roster at work has one mission and that is to KILL ME. I've also got another assessment due during that time, so I'll be a bit busy. So if you guys have any troubles with my sims, please do leave a comment but I may not answer it straight away. I will be back though!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Adventures of Sim Ness!

Hi peoples!

I've got some pic spam (again?!) for you. It's little snapshots of Miss Lochness and her little activities of her little daily life. I gave her a makeover, since I butchered my hair recently and attempted to fix her nose but I kept stuffing it up. So I left it. My game was being temperamental too, so I couldn't get snaps of everything. :( Anyway, story time!
The day started as every other day before it...with some manic-ness
And suprisingly, she remembered to feed the fish/jellyfish this morning.
She wasn't very impressed though, cause next thing she did was...
Who the hell BOOS fish? Not my damn fault you can't fish for crap!
She then proceeded to turn on EVERY electronic device in the house and started dancing underneath the stairs.Go Miss Lochness, it's your birthday!
You can't touch this.
I should give dancing lessons, just look at that move!
Shake that thing, shake it!
She got tired not long after that and decided the elderly needed to sit down.The evil bitch was plotting something though...
Stand back, I'm going to try cooking.And in they went...
Somethin' was up though, just look at that face.
Hahaha, dumbass!
Burnt waffles anyone?
She still ate them though, good on you stupid.Good dog, you didn't gag once!
She then decided to pick a fight with her roomate, Rapunzel.
"I don't care what you say, you totally chopped all my hair off last night! You jealous douche!"
Apparently he didn't like her accusing him of that...ASSHOLE slapped me!FIGHT!Face shove!Thanks for the help Terminator wannabe!Not happy Jan!
End of tale.

I'm getting annoyed at my game. I've already compressed all my CC (using Evater's marvelous tutorial, check my links down the bottom) and I deleted even more CC and uninstalled stupid stuff I wasn't using anymore AND the damn thing is still getting pissy at me! I give up. Let's end this with a pretty picture:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

That's why I have a bullet with your name...

Hi everybody!

Before I go into specs on these sims, I have uploaded CASPAR and FINN. Click on the names to take you to the download pages. Now, I have four new female sims for ya'll. After making both Caspar and Finn, I decided to have a go at making some more sims with Subaxi's skintone. I give a full blurb on the whole background garbage in the link I'll give you. Onto the pic spamage!They can be found here:

We are The Nameless...

And in case you forgot what Caspar and Finn look like: YAAAYYY!