Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This sim = LOVE


Ain't she pretty, her name's Noe :D Sometimes I get scared of the eyeliner's that Subaxi releases, mainly the eyelash aimed ones. Just cause I NEVER know how to colour them properly and I end up making my sims look like they have weird crap growing on their eyeballs. 0_0

Also, I am avoiding anything to do with Betty. She makes me mad. Ha! Kidding. I mean slightly irritated. :P I need help I think, getting mad at your sims is not normal. That, or I need to head back to work soon.

I'm gonna pair Noe up with this sweetness, his name is Darko and he was made by Darko over at Darko Sims 3Maybe I should work on Betty now, while my game seems to be behaving itself. Nah I'm gonna go watch The Hangover.

---------Miss LochNess---------


EvaTer said...

Wow again !! :D
Noe just looks so absolutely amazing, wonderful !! <3

Miss Lochness said...

Thanks Eva, she's my favourite sim now :) With my game working, hopefully I'll be able to upload all my sims I meant to fix and haven't yet :P