Sunday, June 6, 2010

NEW: The Quinn Sisters.

Hey all,

2 more followers, WOOT! Thanks for having a look at my blog guys, I love the Sims you make! :)

Today, I've got Ana and Evie Quinn for you. They are the two sims I previewed in my last post. I've uploaded them as .sim files, so you just need to put them in your Saved Sims folder. I will try in future to upload them as sim3pack format, when my launcher decides to not be an asshole. Any problems with them, just give me a yell. :)

Ana, is supposed to be Evie's older sister, but as to how that works when you play them in your game, I gots no clue. Gave them a bunch of traits I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure Party Animal, Inappropriate, Mean Spirited, Artistic and some other ones are in there somewhere. I actually bothered to give them proper traits, with my last sim I uploaded I just gave her the first couple of traits on the list. Woops. Now onto the piccies!


Now the part I hate with a passion. Let's talk about CC:


Hair: Pretty sure it was GoS

Outfit: Katlys @ TSR

Shoes: Modern_Sims @ TSR

Eyes: "Oh my eyes" by escand @ ModtheSims

Skintone: Kanno's moonlight skin @ GoS

Eyebrows: Subaxi

Tatts: Kitty Klan

Make up: I think her eyeshadow is from TSR, and her lips from Channyvivin, however, I'm pretty sure they came with some random sims I downloaded in sims3pack format, so I can't be sure. Same story for Evie.


Hair: Same as Ana, GoS.

Eyes: Same as Ana, ModtheSims.

Outift: M.Calero, also at GoS.

Shoes: Gosik @ TSR

Gloves: Are base game.

Headband: I think it's from Twilight, another pre-made sim freebie I scored.

Tatts: Now, Evie's tattoos are actually two seperate tattoos overlayed/overlapped on each other. The first set are by Newone @ ModtheSims they are the L4Dead tattoos. The second set is a body piece by Kitty Klan. To make them look the same as they do in my pics, you need to place the L4Dead tatts on first, then place Kitty Klans set on.

DOWNLOAD: Ana @ Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Evie @ Mediafire

Have fun with them.

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Arcanalia said...

Ana is great! I love her hair colour.