Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Countdown to 1...

Ava, and a full list of CC, can be found @ CStyles

Countdown from 2...

Amber Carey, and a list of CC, can be found @ CStyles

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The LochNess monster is BACK!

The return of Miss Lochness is IMMINENT!

Thank you to Eva, Evie, Arcanalia, CeCe, Karolina, Lollipopzi (I love that name btw), chobits, baroque-tragedy and Ariz. You guys were awesome and really made me think about why I was quitting. I love this game and making sims a WHOLE lot more than I give a crap about what those people think. So...

Keep an eye out for some new stuff!

Also, Chapter Three: Of Betrayal and Puking Everywhere is up on The Cowardly and The Fugly!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nicely done people, NICE.

I think I give up now.

Read this: What a WONDERFUL world we live in!

Firstly, I posted that second sim cause someone said they couldn't wait for me to release it. Also, the "plasticness" of his nose is because of Subaxi's skin. Not my fault. Shocking I know.

To the last Anon who seems to have never learnt the meaning of being polite, I must say your rudeness amazes even me and I'm quite capable of being downright rude to people. I also appreciate your enthusiasm at trying to get it through to me that I need to stop releasing the shit I make. Nice.

The most shocking part of it all is that I do not think it is fair to compare two creators to each other or to even bring another creator up. If you have a problem with my stuff, then please do not bring Ariz into it. I don't think its right to drag the poor girl into that. I will agree though, her sims do "shit" all over mine. That is definitly true.

Lastly, everything else that was said, Claeric's comment included, I don't care about. Everyone has their opinion and a right to voice to it. However, blatantly attacking someone and trying to bring someone else into it is just WRONG! I'm presuming that perhaps the first Anon who mentioned Ariz thinks that perhaps I get more attention or something than she does and thats fair. I believe Ariz deserves massive props for the sims she makes, I really do.

I didn't realise I was running a production line. I thought I was making sims that I play with and releasing them for others who may like them. MY BAD.

I've kept quiet and ignored the comments I've recieved, but today was just the icing on the cake. I'm sure plenty of people are just gonna go "oh ignore it" but I'm tired of ignoring it.

I do NOT have to do this, I choose to. I have to listen to whiny doctors and bitchy coworkers and pain in the ass family members everyday when I go to work and I come home and play The Sims to relax from all of that. HOME should be where you do NOT have to put up with this stuff. Yet, I find myself having to read through this drivel. Yes, I don't have to read the comments, but I do actually care about people who have something valid to say and tips on how I can improve. Problem is, I DID change my noses up and I still got the same comments. SO what gives? Ya'll win okay, my sims suck now, I have no talent left, whatever.

I'm leaving it to people who are much more talented than me and I don't need to mention who they are, cause everyone already knows. Thank you to all the people who followed my blog and who did like my sims. I appreciated it. Joe, thanks for featuring my stuff on MS3B. I'm sorry that you've actually had to delete some of your entries because of the above nonsense. Plus, big shout out to my buddies who have supported my stuff and have been true friends, ya'll know who you are. But I'm afraid...

I've had it and I quit.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Boys, sometimes a girl just needs one...or a few.

Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy writing 3000 words essays on crap I don't care about and working 40 hours in 3 days. I love my job. Keep in mind the 40 hours in 3 days is NORMAL. I'm super nurse. Uh huh. Anyway, moving on...


Max Harper (From the Cowardly and the Fugly)Max's CC:

Hair (You will need Aikea's retexture)
Eyebags (Part of the Unholy set)
Casual: Top; Pants; Shoes are base game.
Formal: Top; Pants; Shoes
Athletic: Pants; Shoes
Tattoos - Courtesy of glitchy Ambitions.


Angelus DarkoAngelus's CC:

Eyebags (Natural)
Casual: Top; Bottom; Shoes
Formal: Top; Bottom; Shoes
Athletic: Top; Bottom; Shoes
Swimwear is base game. Pattern is WA.


Required thingies:


Possibly World Adventures.
Rez's UI mod.

No Late Night required and I'm pretty sure they will work with base game anyway. Oh and no sliders. :D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let's hear it for Bridgeport!

Who here loves Late Night?!

Well, I do A LOT! I haven't actually been able to play the game in a long time, because of the glitches with Ambitions, it drove me BEZERK! Now however, I've been playing heaps! I'm really enjoying Late Night! As a result, I have this for you guys:
It's my new legacy/total daytime drama simmified! So if you like to read stuff, then check it out :) If you're only a youngin, then perhaps maybe don't read it. There is some suggestive and sometimes flat out sexual and rude commentary. I don't need angry emails from parents. I warn you in advance! There are two chapters up, first chapter is seperated into 2 parts. There is also a poll up, it's in the side bar and unfortunately the font is in black and I have no idea how to change it. :S

The Cowardly and The Fugly

WARNING: Contains adult content.

Points to who can figure out what the name is poking fun of :D