Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marie Jacques: Lady of The French Quarter

CC used on Marie:

Boots by Aikea Guinea (Part of the Emilie Autumn Set)

Download [4 Shared]
Download [Mediafire]

You will need:
- Late Night
- Jonha's Body Sliders [here]

*To those who tried to download Marie and found 404 errors, I have fixed the links*

I "attempted" to make a lady of Creole descent. I don't think I've done that well, but I still like her. Obviously there is more to making a sim of Creole desecent than just lighter hair and green eyes. The characteristics of one person can differ significantly to another. They are a mix of many different cultures, not just French and African. Nevertheless, I tried. I hope someone likes her :)

I have GIMP'ed these images. The initial shots I took were FAR too DARK. I have lightened them and perhaps made them glow. I know, naughty. Last time I GIMP, I promise. I also added in the writing cause the images on their own were boring.

Night everyone!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Bodaways

Here are some of my favourite images from my legacy :)Boring I know, but I love them :)

Read my legacy here: Loved Up Legacy

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Simself

Funnily enough, people actually like my simself. After a couple of requests, here she is for you all, for your voodoo practices or whatever :PNote: I GIMP'ed these images. Naughty I know. This is my simself and I should be allowed to edit my own fugliness. :P I ONLY fiddled with the lighting, thats IT.

CC I used:

Hair by Peggyzone
Shady's Contacts for Eye-coholics (V2)
Eyebrows by Evie (No.12)
Candy Crush by LFB
Eyebags by Twilight (Part of the Unholy set)
Glossy 3 Channel Lips by Flinn
SoftGLO Blush by KittyKlan
Evie's #22611 Skintone
Top by Icia (Accessory version here)
Ripped Skinny Jeans by Icia
Chuck Taylors by Simsimay
Wing Earrings by Meronin
Bangles by Liana
Nape piercing by IN3S
(It's not in the images, but I saved the sim with it)

Download (4Shared)
Download (Mediafire)

You will need:
- Late Night
- Jonha's Body Sliders [here]

Before you go thinking "OMG what is up with her FACE?!", I'm half Asian. I was honest with this sim, she has all my wobbly bits. Err... If you wish to see unedited pictures of the sim, they can be found [here].

Have a nice day!

P.S. I am working on my Cstyles Exclusive for May. Keep an eye out. Should be up before the week is out :)

Lucas is available @ TSR!

Lucas is available for download over @ TSR!