Friday, June 11, 2010

New: Holly Sorensen


So, it took me ages to track down my CC. I've only found some of what I've used, so if anyone recognises anything, let me know and I'll add it in.

I present to you all, Holly Sorensen. One of two sims I will upload today. I've never really made a "blonde" sim and by blonde I mean a sim with blonde hair. Lol. They never turn out very good. I'm quite proud of this one tho, she's not as good as Mia, but I doubt I will ever make a sim as good as Mia ever again. Here's an attempt at trying:
Let's talk about CC:

Hair: Cazy & Rose
Eyes: Escand's Oh My Eyes @ ModTheSims
Casual: BluElla (top), Simsimay (jeans) & Ekinege (shoes).
Formal: Glamurita (dress) & Gosik (shoes).
Earrings: Rose
Eyebrows and eyeliner: Subaxi. Here & Here.
Lipgloss: The Sims World
Skintone: Aikea Guinea's Slave skin @ Club Crimsyn

Download Holly @ Mediafire

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EvaTer said...

The looks on your Sims are absolutely incredible !! Brilliant !!!