Friday, June 25, 2010

Predictability is wearing thin, ground breaking practice for the Preacher.

Hi Peoples,

So...I've been feeling creative the past couple of days and well, I'm sick of the sims I've been making. I wanted to...experiment. Try something different. Explore my creativity (that sounds weird). Which I highly doubt I've done, but anyway. Nothing like trying. There are 4 experiments in total, I will be making my way backwards. Two today and another two tomorrow. Those other sims I said I'd upload, can just wait for now. Let me know what you honestly think, constructive criticism is good. If no one likes these, I'll go back to my old day job.

Experiment No: 4
Subject name: Delilah Chang.
Delilah's CC:

Hair: By Bosie @ GoS
Eyes: Escand's "Oh My Eyes" @ ModTheSims
Eyebrows: Subaxi

Eyeshadow & Lips: Also Subaxi. Here & Here.
Eyeliner: (Not very visible)
Kittehbomb's Sims
Outfit: (1) Liana ; (2) Bra is base game & shorts by Simsimay @ TSR
Piercings: Aikea Guinea @ MTS
Tattoos: Vedic @
MTS & Traelia also @ MTS
Leggings: Base game.
Necklace: By WideOpenEyes @ TSR
Shoes: Ekineage @ TSR
Skintone: Traelia's Realism skin @ MTS & GoS



EvaTer said...

Awesome, just love this experiment ! <3 :D

Miss Lochness said...

Thanks Eva! I'm eagerly awaiting more sims from you! :D

EvaTer said...

Thanks !! :D
I have entered a Sims 3 Gothic competition, made a Sim and she turned up all messed up :(
I had to make a whole new Sim, because what ever I tried, the original entry remained all messed up.
That's why I haven't had the change to create new Sims for a couple of days....
I will finalize the first assignment of the competition today & after that I can go on and create Sims again :)