Friday, June 11, 2010

New: Audrey O'Hara

Last sim for today!

This is Audrey O'Hara. Another flame haired sim. I really like making these types of sims, red headed ones I mean. I tried her with black hair and it just didn't work. Plus, I loved making my Margaret sim, so I decided to try and make another sim like her.
Audrey's CC:

Hair: PeggyZone & Anubis (retexture of Peggy hair)
Eyes: LemonLeaf
Eyeliner & skintone: Subaxi. Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Skin.
Lipgloss: The Sims World
Outfit: Liana & Rose
Accessories: Necklace @ LemonLeaf & Bracelet @ PeggyZone.

Download @ Mediafire

1 comment:

EvaTer said...

Stunning beauty, her looks, her eyes !!
Incredibleness ! ;D