Friday, June 4, 2010

New Sim: Mia Sable

Hi again,

I've decided to update with Mia. I've changed her around a bit, just her hair and clothes and stuff. Otherwise she is the same sim I previewed last week. No facial sliders, just some body sliders from Jonha. She will work without them and I'm sure she will still look the same. However if you don't like her massive butt, then you will need Jonha's sliders to resize it :)

I uploaded her to SimsCave, but photobucket seriously stuffed up my pictures! So here she is

I'll probably update again later today or sometime early tomorrow morning. I have all this time off and not much to do with it. I downloaded a bunch of non-default skin tones last week, so I'm gonna make some sims today with some of them. I really wanna make a sim with Papercat's non default freckle skin. :D

I also want to make a sim that isn't so straightforward and model like. I wanna make something interesting. I'll probably upload Temperley and Emery later in the week, or sooner. Who knows.

Before I forget:

Mia's CC:

Hair: Newsea @
Skintone: Naughty Non-Default skin by LadyFrontbum @
Outfit: Harmonia @
Shoes: Agapi-R @
Bracelet: Liana @
Eyes: PeggyZone @
Lipgloss: I can't remember to be honest, but I'm pretty sure it may be one of Channyvivin's ones, since I have them in abundance.
Eyebrows: Subaxi @

Download Mia here @ MEDIAFIRE

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