Monday, June 27, 2011

Cstyles June Exclusive: Lita Tran

Download Lita over @ Cstyles!


These two ladies are Shelley and Saorise Sullivan. My newest batch of sisters. I enjoy making sisters, dunno why really. These sims are being used for something "special" and I can't upload them as yet. Once they've been used for a project, I will upload them. Also, big thanks to Jaddie98 who gifted me Shelley's outfit! Thank you!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I changed my defaults over to Ephemera. I've been using LFB for a very long time and decided it was time for a change. I like Ephemera's skins, they have a TS2 kind of feel to them. I will upload something new later tonight or perhaps tomorrow.

Have a good night/morning everybody!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Congratulations Caradella!

Caradella has WON the "From A... To Beauty Contest"!! Congratulations my dear!! Coming in second was JKAmaryllis and third was Jojo777! Check out the finale 3 entries here!

Also, if you haven't already gotten you're virtual hands on the latest issue of SF Magazine, then here you go:

BTW: I've updated ALL the Subaxi --> Watermelon links. Everything should be linked correctly now. I also noticed some of my Cstyles links weren't working, so they have also been updated. Some of my older sims aren't working for some simmers, so I am going to investigate this. Will let you guys know if I can solve the problems.

Have a good night everyone!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Coming in a very short but perhaps long while...

I previewed the original versions of these sims on Cstyles and the dark brown haired girl, is Amelia Harper from my old Vampire legacy. I never uploaded these simmehs, but I've begun reworking them xD I couldn't decide on pictures, so I've posted them all! :)

Simple & A Little Bit Fancy: Leah and Lucy

CC used on Leah Hart:

Hair by MYOS
Hair (Formal) by Cazy
Escand's Default "Oh My Eyes"
Trapping Eyebrows converted by Missbonbon
Eyeliner by Watermelon
SoftGLO Blush by KittyKlan
Lipgloss by Lemon
M. Calero's Non-default Strawberry Skin
Buttoned Sweater Jacket by Icia
Patches Jeans by Icia (Unreleased, similar version here)
Studded Flats by Simsimay
Heart Pendant Necklace by Anubis360
Elite Dress by Simsimay
Sequin Butterfly Heels by Miraminkova
Victoria Laced Lingere by Saliwa
Layered Top - Late Night
Vintage Denim Hot Pants by Harmonia09
Adidas Shoes by Hasel
Keep Silent Swimwear by Miraminkova

Download (4Shared)
Download (Mediafire)

CC used on Lucy Lovato:

Hair by Peggy
Escand's Default "Oh My Eyes"
Eyebrows by Jessica2020
Mocha Eyeshadow by LFB
Under Your Eyelashes by Susan372
SoftGLO Blush by KittyKlan
L'Oreal Glam Shine Gloss by Pralinesims
M.Calero's Non-Default Strawberry Skin
Latice Dress by Icia
Brian Atwood Inspired Booties by JB & IC
Helewen Earrings by Meronin
Gucci Inspired Bracelet by NataliS (No longer available on TSR x( )
One Shoulder Top - LN
Mini Skirt - LN
Heels - LN
Gucci Inspired Earrings by NataliS (No longer available on TSR x( )
Bella Lingere Set by natef005
Heart Earrings by NataliS
Colorful Dreams Outfit by Miraminkova
Adidas Shoes by Hasel
Tommy Bahama Monokini by Saliwa
Stiletto Long Nails by NataliS

Download (4Shared)
Download (Mediafire)

Required expansions/sliders:
- Late Night
- Ahmad's Facial Sliders [here]
- Jonha's Body Sliders [here]

Excuse my extended absence everyone. Things have been very busy lately, especially with finishing my post grad studies. I have 2 weeks left before I graduate, yippee! Hopefully, everything will calm down and I can begin uploading all these sims I've made over the past year but haven't had the time to upload.

I hope you all like Leah and Lucy. Leah, is meant to be sort of pure and angelic whereas Lucy is kind of the exact opposite. xD

Also, I'm getting around to fixing the links to some of my older sims. Watermelon (formerly Subaxi) moved his blog a few months ago, so all the links to his old blog are dead. I have fixed Eirene and Aimee's links. Over the next few days/weeks, I'll get to fixing them all.

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to everyone for your support and downloading of my simmehs. I haven't checked my Mediafire account in a while and tonight I was quite shocked to see the numbers on some of my sims. So THANK YOU so much!!