Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NEW: The Morrison Brothers.

Hi all,

I haven't been feeling very productive the past couple of days, so sorry for the no update thing. Plus, there hasn't really been much happening on the CAS custom content front huh? No real amazing clothes or accessories or whatever released for the past 3 days. And, I've been fighting with that sim I previewed a while back, the one with the damn head accessory. I'm not happy with her. Her face pisses me off. She's not accessorised right and she just overall sucks.

Anyway, here's those two dudes I previewed last post. Mr Geo and Mr Saul Morrison. I got Geo from I have no clue and Saul is from watching too much Pineapple Express. Hope you like them. :)


Geo:Geo's CC:

Hair: My Blue Book
Eyes: Aikea Guinea's default multi-coloured eye replacements @ Club Crimsyn
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Outfit: Shirt by AngelD @ TSR; Jeans by Aikea Guinea @ Club Crimsyn; Shoes and watch are base game.
Tattoos: "Our Lady Of Guadalupe" arm piece @ Kitty Klan; Hand tatts by NewOne
Piercings: Bridge piercing is by Amvalvo @ ModTheSims
Skintone: Naughty Male Non-Default skin tone by Lady Frontbum

I much like Geo, I think he's yummy for a sim. However, I probably wasn't very imaginative with him. Sorry about that. If you put blonde hair on him, you can probably have your own Fabio. If your into that kind of thing.

Saul: Saul's CC:

Hair: Peggy
Eyes: Club Crimsyn
Eyebrows: Subaxi (I honestly can not remember which ones I used.)
Outfit: Layered shirts by NewOne & Jeans also by NewOne. Shoes and specs are base game.
Tattoos: NewOne's L4Dead tatts.
Mo: His little fluff of hair is base game.
Skintone: Same as Geo.




Just for fun, here's Geo and his (annoying) wife Rain:

Her name's Betty:


Ehoke said...

Hi^^ I really like your blog and sims, and I also really like how you stood up to all those anons on MS3B. I really agree with you :) Keep up the good work :D

Miss Lochness said...

Thanks Ehoke!

I'm glad you like my sims :)