Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Collaboration: Shannon English

This week I bring you a collaboration between myself and EvaTer. As you may or may not or don't care to know, Eva and me have been having a little "healthy" competition between ourselves. After the grand success of challenge 1 and 2, we decided to try something different. I'm pretty sure it's been done before, so it's not original but it was fun!

This challenge we both gave each other an unfinished sim. Basically, both of us created a female sim, just the features, body shape and skin tone. We then sent this to the other to "finish off". It was at the other's discretion to choose hair (even colour), makeup, clothing and accessories. Let's just say, we both gave each other a bit of a challenge. Eva's style is completely different to mine and she leans towards different characterisitics to what I do and vice versa. The simmeh I gave Eva was a doozy, so I can't wait to see what she's produced!!!

I take NO credit for this sim's features, body shape and overall purdyness. That was all EvaTer. I just dressed her.

Here is Shannon English by EvaTer and Miss Lochness!CC used on Shannon English:
Babyface Hairstyle by Newsea
Default "Oh My" Eyes by Escand
Pretty Girl Eyebrows by MissDayDreams
3 Color Eyeshadow by Steadyaccess
Eyeliner N2.1 by LemonLeaf
Intense Blush by Steadyaccess
Playing Beatie Bow Lipgloss by Shyne
[Ms Trial] Skin B3.0 Non-Default by LemonLeaf
With Gentleness Set by Saliwa
Rome High Heeled Sandals by Danzxncrd
Jeweled Earrings by Natalis
Nails by JulianaFraga
Deep V Cocktail Dress by Saliwa
Scarpe Gioiello Heels by Altea127
Racerback Bra by Lorandia
Panties by Lorandia
Sporty Set by Lorandia
Toms Shoes for Women by ILikeMusic640
Logo Earrings V1 by Natalis
Petite Bikini Top by Saliwa
Petite Bikini Bottom by Saliwa

Download (4Shared)
Download (Mediafire)

Sliders/Expansions Required:
- Patch 1.22 (if you are not patched to 1.22 or later, this sim will not show up in your game! I know from personal experience)
- Ahmad's Facial Sliders [here]
- Jonha's Body Sliders [here]
- Delphy's Breast Sliders [here]
- Tum Tum's Cleft Chin Slider [here]

Valerie Parkman by EvaTer and Miss LochNess xD

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How excitement!

Like my new layout? It's very pink isn't it? I'm feeling feminine. I'm so finicky with my layouts, I've gone through tons of them since I started this blog. I can never be happy with just one for very long. This is almost an exact replica of my Loved Up layout.

I finally gave in and patched my game to 1.22, I know I'm about 1.5 months behind everyone else. It was creating more problems for me with "not patching" then it did "patching". Well...at least I thought at first. I am in glitch heaven with CAS right now. It's so exciting to try and figure out what I'm gonna discover next!! Here are my current finds:
  • First, my sim icons in CAS (whether they be game generated or my own edited icons) aren't showing up. (Makes it fun when I have over a 100 sims in there and I need to click here and there to figure out what the feck I want)
  • Second, the game freezes like a biatch when I go to age a sim up in CAS. (I spent FOUR hours the other night on a project and the damn thing FROZE right on my last sim)
  • Thirdly, my custom patterns and styles are not saving once I exit my game.
  • Lastly, not really a glitch, but this patch has slightly altered my lighting. My little "studio" does not light up like it used to. I'm using the same lights, same layout and same white background but now you can see the line that shows the end of the wall and beginning of the floor (see above image).
Thank you EA for rekindling my hatred for this game.

On the upside, Eva's simmehs are showing up in my game and I can download stuff from The Store now.

To make myself happy, as the only thing not borked right now is actual GAME PLAYING, I took some pics of Anouk. She is in the running for MILF 2011. I refuse to age her up, I aged Ashkii up and wanted to cry afterwards. I want my HAWT couple back to the way they weres.

To see some piccies of Anouk, click the "read more" link xD

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Loved Up: Chapter Seven Posted!

Just posted a new chapter of Loved Up. If you like turning your brain to smoosh, I suggest you read it. Click the pic to go straight to the chapter.

I should have something of the simmeh variety up in the next couple of days :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

DON'T PANIC! I am spam.

Of the picture variety!There's so much spam to share, I had to hide it behind this cut!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Round 2: Stephanie Gale!

Round Two of my and EvaTer's competition!

This round I had to create a female sim with the following ingredients:
♥ Hair by Tum Tum Simiolino (Colour - Hazel Brown)
♥ Makeup by Steadyaccess
♥ Clothing by Simsimay
♥ Skin #22611 by Evie
The rest was at my discretion. I finished this simmeh the day after Eva gave me the restrictions. She's posting her simmeh up tonight, so keep an eye on Sims 3 by EvaTer!!

My "submission" is Stephanie GaleCC used on Stephanie Gale:
Anto 52 Converted by Tum Tum Simiolino
Shady's Contacts for Eye-coholics (V1)
Subtle Brows by Shyne
3 Color Eyeshadow by Steadyaccess
3 Color Eyeliner by Steadyaccess
Intense Blush by Steadyaccess
Shiny Lipstick with Teeth by Steadyaccess
Beauty Spot 2 by Pralinesims
Evie's #22611 Skin
Illusion Outfit by Simsimay
Stockings - Base Game
E Penny Suede Wedge Boots by Simsimay
Palladium Earrings by Tomislaw
Bohemian Bangles by Lorandia
Sparkle Elegant Outfit by Simsimay
Glitter Peep Toe Pumps by Gosik
Beautiful Liar Lingere Set by Simsimay
Viviana Earrings by Tomislaw
Athletic Outfit by Simsimay
Tiger Shoes by Hasel
Lost Paradise Bikini by Simsimay
Crystal Embellished Nails by Natalis

Download (4Shared)
Download (Mediafire)

Required Businesses:
- Late Night
- Ahmad's Facial Sliders [here]
- Jonha's 10 Body Sliders [here]
- My game is NOT patched to 1.22 (Generations Patch)

BORING: It seems my "Followers" tab is not working, at least not for me (It ain't working on my iPhone, but it is working on my Mum's netbook *shrugs*). It does this intermittently and drives me bezerk. So if it's not working for you either, there should be a "follow" in the top bar of this screen. Hopefully the stoopid glitch will unglitch itself.

Wyome Hardman by EvaTerDownload @ Sims 3 by EvaTer

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cstyles July Exclusive: Ioana Meyers

This simmeh is quite special, she is the result of a little "competition" between myself and EvaTer. You can download Ioana @ Cstyles!

Also, make sure you grab Verona Philipp by EvaTer:Also @ Cstyles!