Saturday, June 5, 2010

What I've been up to...

Hello all,

Well I've been simming faaarr too much over the past 4 days and I'm suffering from Sim overload. If I hear that tune again in the next week, I just may explode...kidding.

I've been researching Ambitions, I really want to get it, but a lot of people are having difficulties with their CC. Partly because a lot of it is not compatible with Ambitions at the moment, and also people forgetting to move their CC into Documents/EA/The Sims 3/Mods. That's how much reading I've done, I can remember instructions off by heart. I REALLY wanna get it, but I love all my CC and well, I'm going back to college and work in 6 weeks. It's not enough time to get to enjoy Ambitions and I'm starting a new course. I finished University 4 years ago, thats how long ago I have written an essay, yet alone studied! I also work full time as an RN, in Intensive Care, so I'm pretty beat when I get home. All in all Ambitions = distraction. Oh, how easily I get distracted.

Anyway, off the boring stuff. I've made a crap load of sims, (which no one will download) which I will share over the next few days. I've gotta track down all the CC I used on them. I've forgotten where I got most of my stuff from. For now I'll share some Sim versions of my friends and family. Obviously I won't be making these available for download, but I'm kind of proud of them and I wanna show them off :P

Anita (cousin) - I got her seal of approval. I've tried many times to make her, finally nailed it!
Cris (Best friend and best nurse ever!) Myself (Loser and hungry at the moment) You know, I love Subaxi's stuff, but those tits on his NR female skin are just INSANE! Speaking of tits, I quite like Lady Frontbum's boobies on her skin. I just think they look more realistic, thats all...(looks at the floor).

Annnnnndd... here's two people that wanna say hello to you. They will be making an appearance soon: --------Miss LochNess--------


Ariz, Larz and Cholez said...

OoOoOoOooO You and your friends look so cute, I also love those 2 sims at the end. And lol at subaxi's boobies X) I totally thought the same thing when I got that skin. But that sucks about having to go back to school and all.


Miss Lochness said...


The school thing, yeah wasn't very smart of me to decide to go back after 4 years of heaven. Oh well, it's only for a year.

Thanks for the follow as well :) Love the stuff you guys make! :D