Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's like Christmas!

To everyone who loves free stuff, and doesn't know yet, our favourite site has been updated. To those who don't know what site that is or are thinking "what the hell are you going on about?", I place emphasis on *FREE* stuff, that otherwise is not free.

There's a whole lot of stuff from the FAs that create great custom content. :) Woops, I think I just gave it away, oh well.

Also, to the Anon at MS3B who gave me the facts on the comments section, thanks for that. :) I will be taking everything in my stride now. I just thought it necessary to say something about the state of the comments over at MS3B. To anyone who thinks I'm a bitch or have a bad attitude from what you read, I don't mean to come across that way.

Have a good rest of the day people, or to others in the world, have a good night!

---------Miss LochNess---------


EvaTer said...

I thought nothing was wrong with your first reply on MS3B & I really don't think you're a bitch. Since when is being honest the same as being a bitch ? I certainly do not think so !!

I think you're a very talented Sim creator (one of the best I've seen so far) & your entitled to 'defend' your work !

Keep the good stuff coming !! ;D

Miss Lochness said...

Thanks Eva :)