Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beware of Nurse LochNess

Decided to muck around with LemonLeaf's nurse outfit.

Most nurses, no wait I lie, 99% of nurses find any kind of depiction of nurses that isn't showing us off as smart, caring, blah blah individuals as wrong, rude and arrogant. I have no such problems with these views. I think there is nothing funnier than a sexy, stupid nurse. Nothing more true than an angry, rude nurse, aka Nurse Jackie. It's all in good fun and I believe people are SMART enough to know the truth about what a nurse actually does, and yes it is a WHOLE lot more than cleaning someone's poo. My lack of caring about people's ideas of nurses tho, will be displayed in the following collection of screenshots.

I present Nurse LochNess:

I hope you enjoyed this Miss LochNess presentation. MUUUUAAAHHH

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