Sunday, June 13, 2010

New: Kate McGrath

Here's another sim overhaul for ya'll!

This is Kate. She was originally made with Kanno's skintone, and I was really pleased with her when I had finished, but after looking and looking and looking at her, I got annoyed. Figured she could be better. Maybe I overdid it with the piercings. But I like piercings. Oh well, will try again later at a muchos pierced sim.

New Kate: Old Kate: So obviously, I've changed her face around. Tweaked her nose and changed her lips. But I think she looks much better. :D

Kate's CC:

Hair: Peggy
Eyes: LemonLeaf
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Makeup: Can only remember her lip gloss, which is from The Sims World.
Casual: Simal10 @ TSR (top); Liana (pants & bracelet); Lili Sims (Vans).
Swimwear: Hasel @ TSR.
Tattoos: BluElla @ TSR and NewOne (the sleeves on Old Kate, are also by NewOne).
Skintone: Traelia's Realism Skintone @ MTS (FINALLY! Her skintone does not look great in CAS, but in game it's marvelous!)

Same story with Emily, old Kate has met my delete permanently button.



The Morrison Bros: Note: First and last time I ever make sim dudes. EVER.

Enjoy guys!


Temptation said...

whoo i really like kate thanks ! and the morrison Bros looks great too .
Thanks !

Miss Lochness said...

You're welcome! Glad you like them :D