Saturday, July 31, 2010

Aiko Law


Aside from a new sim today guys, I have some marvelous news. This marvelous news involves no work for a week and just lectures at Uni. Now some might go, "how is that so good?", well my dear reader, it's NO WORK for 7 days!! I've got all this time off and I plan on wasting it and wasting it well! I plan on sharing another little project I have been secretly working away at and upload some of those sims I previewed before. I'm naughty uploading all these ones I never previewed. I might also do some studying but that is at the bottom of my list of priorities.

Aiko Law
Aiko's CC:

Hair: Casual; Formal; Sleep; Swim; Athletic.
Eyebags (Part of the Unholy set by Twilight)
Casual: Dress; Shoes.
Formal: Dress; Shoes; Earrings.
Swim: Top; Bottom.
Athletic: Top; Bottom; Shoes.

DOWNLOAD (Saved with CC)
DOWNLOAD (*UPDATED* Saved without CC)

NOTE: I've now uploaded a version of Aiko completely without CC. She will show up with EA content only. This is for the simmers who have been having game crashes (sorry). I thought it was just the Peggy hairs, but looks like it's possibly something else. This means that you will need to download the CC individually and edit it. The previous version was saved with her CC, so if you have the CC already in game or downloaded it, it will appear automatically on Aiko when you open her in CAS.

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 30th please hurry up!

I can't wait for July 30th! Wanna know why?
Newsea is releasing this hair on TSR that day! Unfortunately for me, I have to wait until the 31st here in Aust. I'm one day ahead of the rest of the world. I seriously hope this pops up on The Exchange. I hate that place, but I will sacrifice that hatred for free hair.I'm also waiting somewhat patiently for this to pop up at The Booty.

I hate being patient. :P

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Delene Thomson


I managed to get some simming in yesterday, suprisingly. I really hate juggling all these activities in my life, work, study, family, friends, playing sims. Hehe. I've pretty much done, in total, I think 30 mins of study. That's not very promising is it. Woops. I've procrastinated my whole first week away and I don't care. :D

Here is Delene. I've wanted to do this for a long time, but I needed to find a good skintone that didn't lose the shading when the skintone was darkened. This is impossible though. So I settled for LFB, whose skintones are fabulous. Hope you guys like her. :) She has taken the prize as my favourite creation so far, she beats Mina.

Delene ThomsonDelene's CC:

Skin (Silk)


WARNING: I've been getting messages and comments letting me know that some simmers are having problems with my sims, mainly they keep crashing their game. :( I've been trying to figure out for zoinks what it could be, with no result until today. ChaoticNeutral over at SimsCave has figured out what it is, Peggy hairs. I save my sims with the content I use, which can and is causing problems which I was not aware of before. If you don't have the Peggy hair I've used, then the sim will likely crash. However, some sims I haven't used Peggy hairs on, are also crashing. I've noticed it's one I may have used the Peggy contacts for. So guys, if this is occuring for you, then see if the sim has any Peggy content and try d/l that and see if it helps. I'm going to now, save my sims without Peggy CC in future, but for the sims I've already made and plan to release, I will put up a warning to let you guys know.

Also, I've changed my layout AGAIN. I did like the last one but it had too much going on and it didn't seem right. I give this one a week or less and I will probably change it again. I'm going to go look for blog templates right now actually.

Take care guys!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When you came in the air went out, and every shadow filled up with doubt.

Hey guys!

Sorry for the delay in uploading these sims, I've been lazy. FYI, I'm heading back to work in a couple of days and I'm beginning my PostGrad course (started today! Shite), so updates might be scarce but hopefully I should be able to post something new at least once a week, please bear with me for the next 12 months. If that's okay. :P Moving on.

Took me 4 hours to find everything and to post them up, but here they are!:

The Ladies of Twinbrook!

Take me home Cowboy?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Upcoming Sims

Want to see whose populating my town?

Most of these sims were made 6 months ago and I've just been retweaking them over and over. The first 4 were made in the last week. I'll get to uploading them in the next few months. I'm glad I decided to stock for the winter (aka recommencement of work and study). I've gone from spending almost all day in CAS making on average 3 sims, to making 1 or 2 a week. Lol. See what happens when your spare time gets robbed from you by the MAN! Or in our case, the LADY, since we have a female PM. :)



Friday, July 16, 2010

We want the funk, give up the funk!

Hi all! Did you miss me?

I've been in a bit of a funk the past couple of days. All the days have been blurring together, and I haven't been taking anything naughty. I'll get around to uploading The Ladies soon, probably tomorrow night or perhaps the night after that.

To cheer myself up, I've been watching Doctor Who! It reminded me of a little sim-picture-project I worked on for a friend of mine. She's a huge fan of the show, so when Aikea Guinea made those Doctor Who objects, I did this for her:


Also, found these random screenies while rummaging through my Flickr account, these are the Sims I made while playing TS2:
The first sim was my favourite and I got her through some smart sim breeding. Actually, they all were through sim breeding, but anyway, her name was Temperley London. I tried to make a Sims 3 version of her, but no success. The dude was her twin bro, Jasper Jackson. 3rd girl is her cousin Renesme (cough), then we have Arja, Selene and finally Valentina. All related. They are related through their Grannies. I had 3 sisters originally, and they had like 2-3 kids each and then they had beautiful grandbabies.

Does anyone remember the little cheat that would get the sim to "tell" you what sexual orientation they were? I loved that cheat, I thought it made the sims more individual I guess. Now in TS3, they automatically have male and female couples, unless you do otherwise. I don't know what made me think of that. Maybe it's because I remember Jasper telling me he preferred males and Selene telling me she preferred females. I was like "AWESOME!!"

I will end this post with a question for people who like to track down stuff, anyone know if that first hair was ever converted for TS3? I have never found it, if it ever was. It was my favourite. So was the headband with the huge ribbon.

Which leads me to this, if there are any CC converters out there, I have a favour to ask of you lovely people, who I loves so much. I and perhaps others, would love these converted for TS3. I have no idea how hard or easy it will be, but if anyone has time, we would appreciate it :D

Blair's Black Bow Headband
Blair's Grey Bow Headband
Belted Silk Dress
Set of Blair's Headbands

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin: The Ladies of Twinbrook. [Preview]

Something I'm working on at the moment:

The Ladies of Twinbrook

Let me know what you guys honestly think :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dig, if you will the picture, of you and I engaged in a kiss.

I LOVE Prince!

Well his music, I love. That's the old hag in me talking right there. :D Now, last sim for tonight. Her name is Gwen Dunegan. Y'know, I've noticed a trend with my sims. I have a penchant for a) red hair, b) pale skin and c) Irish names. If you look at my sims, most of them have any one of these things. I think, it may have something to do with my Irish blood. Hmm...

Enough blah-blah-blahing.

Gwen Dunegan:Gwen's CC:

Hair: Peggy; Savio; Peggy.
Eyes: Peggy
Eyebrows: Subaxi.
Eyebags: MTSims (part of the Unholy set)
Eyeshadow: Subaxi
Lips: Subaxi
Blush: LadyFrontbum (Swoop)
Skin: Aikea Guinea
Casual: Simseviyo; Base game (shoes); Natalis (necklace & ring).
Formal: Ekky_Sims; Lilisims (shoes); Peggy (earrings); Peggy (bracelet).
Sleepwear: RustyNail; TSR (uggs); LadyFrontbum (navel piercing).
Tattoo: BluElla.


I put Gwen in Uggs for her sleepwear for one sole reason...I think it looks hilarious!

Hope you guys like them! :)

Remember: If you want Gwen to look like she does, in your game, then download the CC I have linked to. Also of note, my game is updated to the latest patch ( I don't believe it should cause any problems, but I'll put it up here just in case.

Knock, Knock, Knock, Penny?, Knock, Knock, Knock.

Hi guys!

Well I had sooo much fun at Uni today. There is nothing I love more than learning to reference the Harvard way and attend a writing skills workshop. Woopie. It seems my plans of procrastination have been foiled. They knew what I was up to. They have developed essays that will directly relate to the readings I'm expected to do. Pffft. Day just keeps getting better. I ate a Fajita that made me sick. I also went into work after Uni and who do I run into when I walk into the locker room, my boss and numerous other people who can boss me around. On a lighter note though, I don't have to go back to work til the 22nd. Niiicccee.

Enough biatching! Sims I say. I have 2 for you this fine evening. The first sim is Noe (pronounced No-ee, incase you were wondering). Noe is short for Noelia. I used to work with a Physiotherapist whose name was exactly that. We all called her Noe, cause it was just easier than Noelia. Anyway, I previewed her ages back and didn't upload her, because I got into that experimentation simming I was doing. Oh and guys, please please let me know if you have ANY trouble downloading these two sims! Mediafire was being a complete douche and stuffed up the first upload. These ones look okay, but let me know if they aren't. :)

Noe Finley Hirsch:Noe's CC:

Hair: Savio; Peggy; Newsea (Thanks marinacg_7!!)
Eyes: Peggy.
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Eyeshadow: Subaxi
Eyeliner: Kittehbomb Sims
Lips: Simseviyo
Blush: LadyFrontbum (swoop)
Skin: LadyFrontbum.
Casual: Simseviyo (top & shorts); Noxeen (shoes); Peggy (bracelet).
Formal: Simseviyo (dress); Noxeen (shoes); Natalis (earrings).
Sleepwear: Ancsie18


Remember: If you want Noe to look like she does, in your game, then download the CC I have linked to. Also of note, my game is updated to the latest patch ( I don't believe it should cause any problems, but I'll put it up here just in case.

If anyone knows where I got that last hair from, please let me know and I'll update the link. I hit my usual haunts, it's not on Peggyzone, Rose or Newsea. I have no idea where its from. :S

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Let's play dress ups Mina!

No sims today. :(

I've hit a mental blank on sims to make. I do have a few that I've made previously and want to upload, but I can't pick one. I will post up at least one of them in the next few days. Probably Monday. Anyway, til then lets have some pic spam! I decided to play dress ups with my Mina Northman sim. I was skulking around the web a few days ago, and decided to download a whole lot of CC that I had always liked but never knew what to do with. I pretty much chucked a lot of this CC on Mina and this is what happened. I have NO idea what I was aiming for, but she looks hot in those pants.

Mina 2.0: Maybe she was meant to be a new born vampire or something. Like how those Twilight vamps have red eyes. Maybe that's what I was aiming for. Or perhaps a Succubus that just pissed off a vampire. A lot of demons in Buffy and Angel have red eyes. You pick. :D Because of the lace mask, I couldn't use her normal contacts. That's Aikea's defaults you see there. While they did look nice in green-blue, red stood out more. Mina is without doubt, my favourite sim thus far. She's as sexy as all hell. I tried giving her a more "lighter" look, nice pinks and stuff. Doesn't work for her. I like her dark and seductive. I've called this Mina 2.0.

-------------------Miss LochNess-------------------

Friday, July 9, 2010

Too much Pocahontas for me.


This is what happens when you watch too much Pocahontas and too much Into The West. You end up with a sim that reminds you of a) Kocoum and b) Eddie Spears. To me that is not entirely a bad thing. I'm having fun watching him do his thing in my little town. ;)

Eddie Spears: Eddie's CC:

Hair: Newsea; Aikea Guinea; Newsea.
Eyes: Peggy
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Lips: LemonLeaf (yes he does have lippie on, only to make him appear more realistic)
Casual: Aikea Guinea (top); Darko Sims 3 (jeans); shoes are base game.
Formal: WA (suit); shoes are base game.
Swimwear: Ekky_Sims (pants)
Skin: LadyFrontbum.


Enjoy guys!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

For your consideration...

Hey dudes,

Just decided to post up some sans freaky-ass Vamp makeup pics of Naya. These are for the curious and the demanding. :D Jks.

Oh, I bought a book today titled "Bad Girls & Wicked Women: The most powerful, shocking, amazing, thrilling & dangerous women of all time." I made the last chapter, you guys should seriously check that out. :P I'm joking about the last part, but the book part is real. If your interested in history, then you can have a looks here: Show me the book! It's also available through Amazon, since ABC is an Australian thing.

Anyway, picage: That's enough pics I think. I have one more, but 4 is enough. I think I need a new mouse, this one is having trouble clicking. I spilt Pepsi on it one night, woops. But I spill Pepsi on everything! Will update with some new sims soon hopefully. Only one week left before I head back to work. I seriously thought today was Wednesday (Aust time.), when it was infact Thursday. I was devastated. Moving on now.

Keep safe til my next post everyone :D

---------Miss LochNess---------

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You soul sucker, I won't become like you...

"Gazed upon with dead lover's eyes..."

As I promised, here is Naya. I sort of went on a frenzy when LemonLeaf released the Vampire makeup. I kept going between using Aikea Guinea's "We Thirst" vampire makeup and the vampire lip. I decided to go with LemonLeaf. I hope to get around to making another Vampire with Aikea's makeup. :) This sim is as corny as all hell I know...

"Lips are quivering, like a withering rose..." "I feel eyelashes on my cheek, they lacerate my flesh"

Naya's CC:

Hair: Savio
Eyes: LemonLeaf
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Eyeshadow: Subaxi
Blush: LemonLeaf
Lips: LemonLeaf
Outfit: Dress; Necklace; Nails
Skin: Aikea Guinea's Slave Skin.


"And I'll never need to see the sun again..."

Note: Extra points if you can guess which song I got these quotes from. Also, I'm considering entering one of those competitions over at CStyles. But I'm not sure if that's such a good idea. There are a lot of good sims over there. :S What do you guys think? Is it very time consuming? I know a lot of people drop out. If anyone who follows my blog has entered one of these comps and can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. :)