Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You soul sucker, I won't become like you...

"Gazed upon with dead lover's eyes..."

As I promised, here is Naya. I sort of went on a frenzy when LemonLeaf released the Vampire makeup. I kept going between using Aikea Guinea's "We Thirst" vampire makeup and the vampire lip. I decided to go with LemonLeaf. I hope to get around to making another Vampire with Aikea's makeup. :) This sim is as corny as all hell I know...

"Lips are quivering, like a withering rose..." "I feel eyelashes on my cheek, they lacerate my flesh"

Naya's CC:

Hair: Savio
Eyes: LemonLeaf
Eyebrows: Subaxi
Eyeshadow: Subaxi
Blush: LemonLeaf
Lips: LemonLeaf
Outfit: Dress; Necklace; Nails
Skin: Aikea Guinea's Slave Skin.


"And I'll never need to see the sun again..."

Note: Extra points if you can guess which song I got these quotes from. Also, I'm considering entering one of those competitions over at CStyles. But I'm not sure if that's such a good idea. There are a lot of good sims over there. :S What do you guys think? Is it very time consuming? I know a lot of people drop out. If anyone who follows my blog has entered one of these comps and can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. :)


EvaTer said...

Surprise !! :)
That's quite a fab looking Sim Miss L !! ;D

Got some good news as well, I can borrow a spare laptop from my work, for the time being so I will be able to get online again.
No simming though because I can't install any software on the laptop for security reasons, but I'll take it !!

About entering a competition over at CStyles, I think it's a good idea. Your Sims creations are absolutely great and the pics which go with them as well. I think you would make a great impact over at CStyles, if you entered a competition ! The competition is tough, but ultimately that is what a challenge is all about !!
I had to drop about myself though (Gothic Beauty Contest), my computer was to blame for that, as you know. I would still be in if it weren't for that. I really loved the competition and the challenge which came with it !

So go get them girl, hahaha !! ;P

<3 Eva

EvaTer said...

BTW, the quotes are songs performed by Atreyu
* Bleeding Mascara (1st & 3rd)
* Right Side Of The Bed (2nd)
* This Flesh a Tomb (4th & 5th)

I'm going for the extra points :D

Miss Lochness said...

WOOT! And the extra points go to...EVA! :D