Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin: The Ladies of Twinbrook. [Preview]

Something I'm working on at the moment:

The Ladies of Twinbrook

Let me know what you guys honestly think :)


EvaTer said...

The Lady with the blue hair looks like she's something really special !!
I think she's already 100% awesome, even though I've only seen 50% of her face ! ;D

Ehoke said...

They all look really cute (espically the one with blue hair :D) Can't wait to see it :3

Miss Lochness said...

Thanks guys! Lol to the face comment Eva! :D It took up too much space to put all 4 girls in one post, so I cut them up! Muahahahaha!

Ariz, Larz and Cholez said...

OMG the 3rd girl and the 4th girl look AMAZING!!!
The nose on the 3rd girl is just epic.
You talented devil.


BlackSweety said...

ALL your sims are awesome! I've never thought there's a chance to create some special, 'breathing' sims, if you know what I mean. But now I see that it's possible, my game is now full of your simmies and I can't wait to download these ladies too))) THannk you and keep up the great simmaking work)

Miss Lochness said...

Thanks guys!

Ariz, your comment gave me the biggest grin ever. In an evil devil way. Jokes.

BlackSweety - Thank you so much. I think I know what you meant. :) I remember downloading your Jacob Black sim over on TSR, ages ago. It's still one of my favs :D

BlackSweety said...

Oh, really? I'm so glad to hear this, I never considered myself good at making sims))) Thank you very much!)
Now I'm off to download your new sim-girls)))