Thursday, July 1, 2010



I spent about 10 mins, oogling Loverdag Berth's sim that she has been using for her Paintings collection. You know the one in the latest Painting she released. Before I started making sims and even now, Sunset Valley is full of her sims. I had to restrain myself from going "please please please release her". Instead I brought myself down to one please. Ha. I then continued onto FuryRed's blog and was not disappointed. She has a hilarious The Sims 3 review up on there. I was in hysterical laughter, now that I've recovered I can post my latest project up for everyone to look at.

I decided to challenge myself yet again! I'm just non-stop with this garbage aren't I. Ever since I got WA, I've wanted to see if I could make a Sim using as little custom content as possible. Which I failed at. However, I did manage to use some EA stuff. Why WA you say? Well WA has the least crappiest content and I don't own Ambitions. I'm only previewing her, as I don't believe she's downloadable. By that, she's a themed sim. Gah?! In other words, I can't imagine why anyone would want to actually add her to their families. Unless they wanna use her for something pretty in the background or they have some awesome story going on and they need this sim. Nevertheless, if anyone does want her, then leave a comment and I'll upload her.

She doesn't have a name, but let's call her Test.

Hello, my name is Test:

What can I say? I wanted an Egyptian Queen in my game okay :D There is only 20 days left of my holidays. Where did that time go? I just can't wait to get back to working full time and studying full time AGAIN. Well the study part is a revisit to my old University days. I never learn. Once I escaped I swore to never return, NEVER! What do I do when my boss nags me to go "increase my skills" and earn like $20 extra a fortnight, that the Gov will just tax off me anyway: Yes! Because I'm a wimp and have no balls. My 20s are going down the drain and I haven't even reached 25 yet. Tear. Don't grow old. Infact, never turn 21. I'm very encouraging aren't I? I'm joking people :D


EvaTer said...

Sweet looking Test !! :)
Btw wish I were that young still; I did grow old :(
What can I say, DO enjoy your 20's, wish I could somehow get back to my 20's... ;P

Miss Lochness said...

Yeah, aging sucks. So does any form of responsibility that comes with aging. Like work :P Oh and bills. Yuck.

EvaTer said...

Yep it does !!

Like to work as well :D However in my case my work does include bills, although I don't like those, being a Finance Manager.... Hahaha LOL ;D

mm38 said...


Miss Lochness said...

Thanks mm38!

Eva - your hilarious! I could NOT do your job. I admire you, dealing with all those numbers. I have to calculate a medication dosage and I get a headache. :P