Friday, July 2, 2010

Leea and Sanoe.

I'm baacckk!

Headache annihilated! And that looks like it's spelt wrong! Probably is and I can't be half assed to check it. :D

These two lovely identical ladies are Leea and Sanoe. They are my Japanese/Hawaiian sims. Or possibly just Asian sims :) While I was making Leea and taking screenies of her, I *thought* she looked nothing like Sanoe, but after placing both Leea and Sanoe side by side, they are pretty much identical. Aside from the eyes, which are like half a slider different. They are sisters in my game, but they turned out to be identical twins. So, if you like them, you can pretty much download either one of them and it won't matter. :)

Leea:Leea's CC:

Eyebrows (they are the most recent set)
Eyeshadow - I can't remember where it's from. Looks like LadyFrontbum's Romance. :S
Blush (Swoop)
Outfit: Top; Skirt; Uggs; Earrings


Sanoe:Sanoe's CC:

Hair (Aikea Guinea's default replacement)
Blush (Swoop)
Outfit: Top; Jeans; Shoes; Earrings; Bracelet.
Skintone (Busty St Claire. I used this for Leea as well).


Note: I've noticed that some Simmers have been having problems with my sims not appearing correctly in game. They haven't specified what exactly doesn't look right, but I'm assuming it's the whole thing in regards to CC. Also, people having difficulty finding the CC. I will get around to fixing all the links today and tomorrow, so if you haven't found something, the correct link should be up by tomorrow.

It's difficult to upload these sims as they have so much CC. I can't package the sims with their CC, as a lot of the creators of the CC I use have policies in regards to the handling of their creations. If people are having a lot of difficulty and just can't find something I've used, then please comment and I will glady help you locate it. Also, check out the Booty, as I get almost all of my stuff from there.

I will have 3 new sims for you guys either Saturday or Sunday. I've worked pretty hard on these and can't wait to share them with you all. :)

Til next post, have a good day or a good night everybody!


Jessamine Diane said...

She's pretty. I just wanted to quickly thank you for following my blog. It means a lot. Thanks again.

Miss Lochness said...

Aww, you're welcome Jessamine :)