Sunday, July 25, 2010

Delene Thomson


I managed to get some simming in yesterday, suprisingly. I really hate juggling all these activities in my life, work, study, family, friends, playing sims. Hehe. I've pretty much done, in total, I think 30 mins of study. That's not very promising is it. Woops. I've procrastinated my whole first week away and I don't care. :D

Here is Delene. I've wanted to do this for a long time, but I needed to find a good skintone that didn't lose the shading when the skintone was darkened. This is impossible though. So I settled for LFB, whose skintones are fabulous. Hope you guys like her. :) She has taken the prize as my favourite creation so far, she beats Mina.

Delene ThomsonDelene's CC:

Skin (Silk)


WARNING: I've been getting messages and comments letting me know that some simmers are having problems with my sims, mainly they keep crashing their game. :( I've been trying to figure out for zoinks what it could be, with no result until today. ChaoticNeutral over at SimsCave has figured out what it is, Peggy hairs. I save my sims with the content I use, which can and is causing problems which I was not aware of before. If you don't have the Peggy hair I've used, then the sim will likely crash. However, some sims I haven't used Peggy hairs on, are also crashing. I've noticed it's one I may have used the Peggy contacts for. So guys, if this is occuring for you, then see if the sim has any Peggy content and try d/l that and see if it helps. I'm going to now, save my sims without Peggy CC in future, but for the sims I've already made and plan to release, I will put up a warning to let you guys know.

Also, I've changed my layout AGAIN. I did like the last one but it had too much going on and it didn't seem right. I give this one a week or less and I will probably change it again. I'm going to go look for blog templates right now actually.

Take care guys!


EvaTer said...

Sweet Simmie again Miss L :D
And I very much like you blog layout template thingie !! ;D

Miss Lochness said...

Thank you Miss Eva! :D I like this one too, I've been through too many in the past month. :P

mrs_joshica said...

She's beautiful! I love your sims you are very creative! I read a couple of your posts and read about some of your lovely simmies crashing games. Do you use face sliders and other body mod slider to create them? If so, this may be why they crash the game. I have heard that if a slider is used and you do not have them the sim may not show up properly or possibly crash the game. This may be something to test. Otherwise you are really good at this!

Miss Lochness said...

Thank you so much, I'm pleased you like her! :D

I didn't think of the sliders causing those problems. I ALWAYS forget to mention I use body sliders on my sims. Thank you for suggesting it, I will be looking into that! :D