Friday, July 2, 2010

I have a Sims induced headache. That's love for you!


I've been playing too much Sims today! I love the warning they give you "rest your eyes for 15 mins every hour while playing a video game". Pfft. Yeah, whateva. They need to write this "rest your eyes for 15 mins every hour while playing a video game or your brain will start to pulsate and disturb the pain sensitive structures surrounding your brain." I'm bullshitting about the pulsate part, but stress (caused by video games occasionally, for instance if your sims keeps crashing) can send a pain response to your nerve receptors, to tell your brain that somewhere in your body is hurting. And wah-lah, you have a headache! The brain itself has no pain receptors, but the head and neck do. Ok, enough Biology.

Before I get to posting some sims I've uploaded, here are a re-do of my self sim and a sim of my little cousin Chris.

I is the LochNess monster:The Chris Monster: I'm done now. Does anybody mind if I post my other sims up later? No? Good. I need to find some pain killers. My head is gonna burst, like in that scene in Kick-Ass. Except I'm not in a giant microwave at the moment. :D

---------Miss LochNess---------

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