Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Northman Sisters.

Hello everybody!

So, it took me two hours to upload these sims and find their CC. But they are finally uploaded and finished! I've given them their own page, not only because I love them so much but also because I didn't want them taking up so much space on my home page.

I have created many brother and sister duos, but 3 sisters was more work than I expected. I enjoyed every minute of it though. When I look at them now, they kind of remind me of the Charmed sisters. If we had witches in The Sims 3, I'd probably make them witches. I love each one of them, but I think Mina is probably my favourite. I'm a sucker for doll like features. I also loosely based her off Ninja Sarasalo, a Finnish version of Paris Hilton so I'm told. I just think she's gorgeous. :D

Without further ado, here are The Northman Sisters:

L to R: Annabelle, Lydia and Mina

Follow the pink brick road...


EvaTer said...

Just wondering why no one has commented on these incredibly beautiful sim-women !! :\
Come on Simmers take the time to thank the creator for this brilliant piece of work !!!
Luckily now I'm back online, I'm able to do just that ! :)

WOW, wOw & WoW !! Awesomeness times three, squared ;D
I think Mina is my favorite too, but they are all absolute stunners !!
Thanks Miss L <3

Miss Lochness said...

Aww, thanks Eva :) <3