Monday, July 12, 2010

Dig, if you will the picture, of you and I engaged in a kiss.

I LOVE Prince!

Well his music, I love. That's the old hag in me talking right there. :D Now, last sim for tonight. Her name is Gwen Dunegan. Y'know, I've noticed a trend with my sims. I have a penchant for a) red hair, b) pale skin and c) Irish names. If you look at my sims, most of them have any one of these things. I think, it may have something to do with my Irish blood. Hmm...

Enough blah-blah-blahing.

Gwen Dunegan:Gwen's CC:

Hair: Peggy; Savio; Peggy.
Eyes: Peggy
Eyebrows: Subaxi.
Eyebags: MTSims (part of the Unholy set)
Eyeshadow: Subaxi
Lips: Subaxi
Blush: LadyFrontbum (Swoop)
Skin: Aikea Guinea
Casual: Simseviyo; Base game (shoes); Natalis (necklace & ring).
Formal: Ekky_Sims; Lilisims (shoes); Peggy (earrings); Peggy (bracelet).
Sleepwear: RustyNail; TSR (uggs); LadyFrontbum (navel piercing).
Tattoo: BluElla.


I put Gwen in Uggs for her sleepwear for one sole reason...I think it looks hilarious!

Hope you guys like them! :)

Remember: If you want Gwen to look like she does, in your game, then download the CC I have linked to. Also of note, my game is updated to the latest patch ( I don't believe it should cause any problems, but I'll put it up here just in case.


ZILLAH said...

Hey there - love Gwen, I've downloaded all the CC aswell but she's still showing up as 'black'
Can you tell me which specific skin I need from the few on the link


Miss Lochness said...


Sorry for the delay in replying. You will need Aikea Guinea's Slave Skin. You can get the non-default version over at Also try using one of the skins you've already got, select it, then click on the saved sims bin again, don't reselect anything, wait and she should go back to normal. That should cure the blackness, then save her again. Hopefully that will help. :)

Praline said...

She is beautiful!