Thursday, July 21, 2011

How excitement!

Like my new layout? It's very pink isn't it? I'm feeling feminine. I'm so finicky with my layouts, I've gone through tons of them since I started this blog. I can never be happy with just one for very long. This is almost an exact replica of my Loved Up layout.

I finally gave in and patched my game to 1.22, I know I'm about 1.5 months behind everyone else. It was creating more problems for me with "not patching" then it did "patching". least I thought at first. I am in glitch heaven with CAS right now. It's so exciting to try and figure out what I'm gonna discover next!! Here are my current finds:
  • First, my sim icons in CAS (whether they be game generated or my own edited icons) aren't showing up. (Makes it fun when I have over a 100 sims in there and I need to click here and there to figure out what the feck I want)
  • Second, the game freezes like a biatch when I go to age a sim up in CAS. (I spent FOUR hours the other night on a project and the damn thing FROZE right on my last sim)
  • Thirdly, my custom patterns and styles are not saving once I exit my game.
  • Lastly, not really a glitch, but this patch has slightly altered my lighting. My little "studio" does not light up like it used to. I'm using the same lights, same layout and same white background but now you can see the line that shows the end of the wall and beginning of the floor (see above image).
Thank you EA for rekindling my hatred for this game.

On the upside, Eva's simmehs are showing up in my game and I can download stuff from The Store now.

To make myself happy, as the only thing not borked right now is actual GAME PLAYING, I took some pics of Anouk. She is in the running for MILF 2011. I refuse to age her up, I aged Ashkii up and wanted to cry afterwards. I want my HAWT couple back to the way they weres.

To see some piccies of Anouk, click the "read more" link xD

I can never decide on one angle, I always have too many shots from this angle and that angle, a little bit closer up or a bit further away.

Anyway, I love Anouk in these two outfits. 4 kids, and she still looks good :P She seems paler in Ephemera's defaults than she did with LFBs skin. I remember her being more tanned.

I used the following creators in these piccies:
Judie (All About Style)
M. Calero

Poses are by:

And of course, Anouk was created by me. You can find her @ Cstyles!


Sackgirl said...

Really beautiful and exotic women sims. I don't fair to well when it comes to making girls, i am gettig a little better. Your layout looks lovely. I had a crazy moment, for like 2 weeks. I have changed my blog layout about twenty times, i just wanted it to feel and look right. So you are not the only one who is flickle. Anyway great looking sims.

Anouk is a hottie, don't age her up. I haven't aged any of my sims up.

Anonymous said...

Love these sims! And the layout looks great :)

EvaTer said...

<3 Love these two new simmehs !! They are gorgeous !
And you know what I think about Anouk already ! Stellllaaaarrrr !!! xD

Candy Lover said...

I love your sims! They are very gorgeous. I love the unique features you give to each of your sims. They are very realistic. Their body types and facial features. I love them!

Candy Lover said...

I also feel really sorry for your game. I hope everything works out.

I hope things will work! Keep your hopes up!

Ernesto Cassenda said...

My dear Nessy...
If i was an editor from something like sims playboy, i would create a special issue with your twins :D

I'm happy you keep creating stuffs and stuffs :D

Miss you lots!

Miss Lochness said...

Thank you to all of you lovely people!!! <3 <3 <3

I hope to get my game sorted tonight, thanks to Eva ♥

Hehehe, Sergio!! I miss you lots too :(