Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Collaboration: Shannon English

This week I bring you a collaboration between myself and EvaTer. As you may or may not or don't care to know, Eva and me have been having a little "healthy" competition between ourselves. After the grand success of challenge 1 and 2, we decided to try something different. I'm pretty sure it's been done before, so it's not original but it was fun!

This challenge we both gave each other an unfinished sim. Basically, both of us created a female sim, just the features, body shape and skin tone. We then sent this to the other to "finish off". It was at the other's discretion to choose hair (even colour), makeup, clothing and accessories. Let's just say, we both gave each other a bit of a challenge. Eva's style is completely different to mine and she leans towards different characterisitics to what I do and vice versa. The simmeh I gave Eva was a doozy, so I can't wait to see what she's produced!!!

I take NO credit for this sim's features, body shape and overall purdyness. That was all EvaTer. I just dressed her.

Here is Shannon English by EvaTer and Miss Lochness!CC used on Shannon English:
Babyface Hairstyle by Newsea
Default "Oh My" Eyes by Escand
Pretty Girl Eyebrows by MissDayDreams
3 Color Eyeshadow by Steadyaccess
Eyeliner N2.1 by LemonLeaf
Intense Blush by Steadyaccess
Playing Beatie Bow Lipgloss by Shyne
[Ms Trial] Skin B3.0 Non-Default by LemonLeaf
With Gentleness Set by Saliwa
Rome High Heeled Sandals by Danzxncrd
Jeweled Earrings by Natalis
Nails by JulianaFraga
Deep V Cocktail Dress by Saliwa
Scarpe Gioiello Heels by Altea127
Racerback Bra by Lorandia
Panties by Lorandia
Sporty Set by Lorandia
Toms Shoes for Women by ILikeMusic640
Logo Earrings V1 by Natalis
Petite Bikini Top by Saliwa
Petite Bikini Bottom by Saliwa

Download (4Shared)
Download (Mediafire)

Sliders/Expansions Required:
- Patch 1.22 (if you are not patched to 1.22 or later, this sim will not show up in your game! I know from personal experience)
- Ahmad's Facial Sliders [here]
- Jonha's Body Sliders [here]
- Delphy's Breast Sliders [here]
- Tum Tum's Cleft Chin Slider [here]

Valerie Parkman by EvaTer and Miss LochNess xD


Sackgirl said...

Nice looking sim. Really pretty. Love her clothing style too.

Miss Lochness said...

Thank you! I tried to comment on your blog, but the comments box keeps cutting off at the word verification part :/ Nevertheless, love your simmehs xD

EvaTer said...

Awesome simmeh Miss L !! I love ♥ what you have done with Shannon !! Love the make up and sure like the way you dressed her !! ♥

Miss Lochness said...

Thankies Eva hun!

I'm glad you like what I've done xD ADORE WHAT YOU DID WITH MY SIMMEH! She's stunning xD

Ernesto Cassenda said...

GAWD!! I dunno if I should say this but err... this Shannon... errrr... gave me er...... something like err... you know the cartoon where Charlie Brown asks Linus if his body is showing allergy to girls? errr...


Great stuff!! Congrats Eva and MissL!

Sackgirl said...

Oh thank you Miss Lochness. I think i fixed my blog now, so anyone can comment. Thanks for your kind comments.

Jaedub said...

Wow,great job you guys XD!She looks amazing!

Sackgirl said...

Miss Lochness, this is my fault entirely. I see you joined Pixels. I am about to delete that blog, it was just a test blog for my pics, and testing templates. My actual blog is
You don't have to join, but that is my blog where my sims are available for download.

Sackgirl said...

I tried to use the email. I wasn't spamming. I was looking the email for Miss Lochness. I don't spam, I apogise if i just did.

Miss Lochness said...

@ Ernesto: LMAO!!! Oh, you always make me giggle xD Thank you, I'm glad you like her! Eva did all the hard work though xD

@ Jae: Thanks hun!!! <3 <3

@ Sackgirl: My fault. I had noticed you had two blogs but forgot to check the second link. I'm following Pixels now. But I can't post comments cause the layout itself actually cuts off the word verification part. But, it could just be my browser, it's happened before xD No worries, you didn't spam :)