Thursday, July 14, 2011

DON'T PANIC! I am spam.

Of the picture variety!There's so much spam to share, I had to hide it behind this cut!

Now, it is probably the worst kept secret ever that I am in love with Luke Goss (Hellboy II, Blade II and Death Race 2 - hmmm, lotta sequels he's done). It's also a well known fact I SUCK at male sims ^-^ So, when my obsession became just to much for me to bear anymore, I had to get over my past failures and attempt to make me a Luke Goss sim. I have spent many weeks on this sim, more than I usually do. He is not perfect (frankly, his skull is not shaped properly and his lips maybe need more work) but I am IN LOVE with him! I would include pics of the actor, but I'm lazy to go google him.

He's only for my own personal use (HELLO!) but if you guys like him then I might upload him for you all :)

Anyway, feast you're eyes on Luke Goss, for TS3!Like those piccies, some of them make me crack up and others make me blush ^-^

Moving on, I decided that my favourite actor deserved a woman, so I gave him my favourite female sim (at the moment anyway :P) Saorise Sullivan! Now, apparently Saorise's older sister Shelley is all pissed about this relationship and I think its just cause she wants some Luke for herself. Shelley thinks Luke is too old for her little sister, and he should date woman his own age (aka Shelley). However, Saorise has a Daddy complex and who is Luke to say no to that much hottness? I wouldn't think twice about it, Luke's hawt. ^-^

I decided to take some snappies of my new couple!I wanna see babies! But I have a feeling they will be fugly. I have a bad history of fugly sim babies. Plus, I aged up a few of my sims the other night and gawd, they do not age well. Damn facial sliders! xD


EvaTer said...

OMG !!! *Squeals* That's Luke Goss !! *faints*

He's so real !! *faints*

I think I'm in love !! <3<3<3

Miss Lochness said...

EEEEEEEee...I'm so glad he looks like he's supposed to xD He still has a few iffy things, but that was limitations in the game itself and maybe laziness on my part xD

I'm glad he looks realistic, that makes me happy!!!

Uh oh...Eva's in LURVE. Watch out Saorise!!! xD

Chicago said...


I love Luke, he is too freakin hawt! You did an awesome job making him. *swoons*

Your spam was totally worth it.

chobits said...

Gorgeous work, Luke Goss is so dreamy!!! ;D

Dexi said...

Very good work:) Love it :)

liloute10 said...

Love him! I use to download almost all of your Simmies... Great work!

Miss Lochness said...

Thanks guys!!! I really appreciate the kind comments <3 <3 <3

@ liloute10: AWWWWW xD