Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Miss LochNess's collection of WTF?!

Well hello there!

Everyone like the new layout? I do and I don't care if I ever get sick of it, cause frankly it was a biatch to modify. Especially when one sucks at HTML. I got sick of the colours in my old one, I wanted something plain and boring, but this has all this javascript shiz going on and it's very frustrating. So due to the mental stress I just endured, I will upload simmies tomorrow. I plan on uploading Caspar and Finn and some other babies of mine. Before I forget, like I do, if you want to leave a comment on my posts, you need to click the little O in the pink box next to the heading. This one is all weird and stupid and puts things in funny places.

Anyway, my game went NUTSO on me today, it's getting so temperamental. However it was eventually a good little boy/girl and let me finish doing my pic spam before I started bawling. I spent ALL DAY working on 3 new sims and the damn thing crashed just when I entered the lot. It also did that annoying thing where the sims are all blurry as fuck and then they never unblur their damn selves. I had to place each sim in one at a time to see if it was a CC issue. ANNOYING. However, I did manage to get up to some trouble after all that crap. Have a look 'ere eh:
Does anyone else notice something wrong there? I do, it's called it looks fine in CAS and a big pile of something smelly in game. Now, I can't make lipgloss and frankly I will never even think about trying, but shouldn't you test out your CC before you go uploading it and charging people to download it?! This is by a FA on TSR! Everyone else does...well most of them do. I do seem to like it on that sim though, it makes her look dumb. I will forgive this FA though, seems a one off. Cause this one ain't so bad:Looks nothing like it looked in her preview pics. I smell fish. You may or may not have thought "that sim looks familiar" I previewed her ages back before I returned to work. That's Emma, with plastic surgery. Serious surgery: Every now and then, a creator or whatever needs to really look at their sims and go "what the hell was I thinking?". I have no idea what I was doing with her originally, I think I was "trying" something different. Her eyes are hilarious, I can't believe I was going to upload that crap one day. Oh well, she's all fixed now. Let's never speak of this again.


Precious Sims said...

I almost choked on my coffee when I saw these issues,I didnt even realize that cc could look different in game than in CAS.I am going to look next time I am in the game.Anyway beautiful sims Nessa They are gorgeous as always.Im off to see what I can make this morning.

EvaTer said...

Like the new layout Miss L !! ;)

Hmmm about the lip gloss, I never have used lip gloss showing teeth or something like that. I think it's very hard to make / create and up until now I haven't seen any such gloss which "called to me", saying download me...
I just think creating such gloss is so hard (because it immediately influences the looks of the face) and maybe nearly impossible to get it right.

Miss Lochness said...

That is definitly true Eva, it changes the whole dynamic of the face and these glosses are in abundance and I have only ever found one I truly liked - Subaxi's version. It changes the way the lips look completely.