Friday, August 6, 2010

Mental block = Elphaba Thropp.


Hey guys,

Sorry for my lack of updates, I honestly thought that with a week off I would have time to update this damn blog, but nope. I've pretty much been coming home from Uni and studying and working on my assignment for the past 5 days. I've been getting up at 6am, which is NOT normal for me at all. I work night shifts, and I work 3 days a week, 12 hours a shift. I do not operate at such shocking hours of the day. I'm soooo exhausted.

I managed to do some simming today, but I couldn't make anything remotely interesting at all. Everything was so...boring for me. Plus, I made the dumbass decision to defrag my desktop computer (I use a laptop for The Sims 3 and for most of my numerous activities) and it took so long to get to 3%, I gave up. Gah. Will upload some sims tomorrow, provided I have nothing else to do. Should probably work on my case study though...

Anyway, I did make something kinda interesting today...
Gah, she sucks. She's not green enough. She's a combo of Idina Menzel (Broadway's Elphie), the novel description and the first Witch from The Wizard of Oz, in TECHNICOLOUR. She's for my personal use only, so I guess that kinda doesn't matter much eh?

What do you guys think of the new contacts? Do you think they are more realistic and better than the ones I usually use (the Peggy contacts)?


Himiko 卑弥呼 said...

She is gorgeous :o. Yah I think more greener!! What a nice inspirational mix of people haha. I like both use of contacts you have. The peggy ones are alot more....shiny? Pretty I think for lighter eyes. She looks great with those ^o^. Hope your schedule lets up a little so your not so exhausted I know how that is....>.<! <3

Miss Lochness said...

Thanks Himiko! I knew she was too light. She looks really green in CAS, but for some reason skintones lose colouring in game. I prefer the Peggy ones too :D

EvaTer said...

She sucks ? No
Interesting ? Yes
Wicked ? Indeed !! :D