Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Adventures of Sim Ness: Pt 2

So, Late Night doesn't allow non-default skins atm eh? Well that blows. Lucky I didn't patch last night. Come on Rez! Update that mod yeah! Pretty please :D

Anyway, I decided to give sim Ness a makeover and perhaps some plastic surgery and hair extensions and take her on a tour of Twinbrook. I haven't looked around since I bought Ambitions (GASP!). I didn't get to go everywhere I wanted cause my damn screen went BLUE! I ended up having to exit and reload and by that stage I was over it. My game has been glitchy as hell since I got Ambitions. Sims walking through walls, through floors and then disappearing and all I can hear is them complaining that they can't move. Frustrating. I did manage to catch some stuff though:

It all started with...ARGHHH! I look like a frigin doll!Eh...maybe a different angle...nope still badNice profile if I do say so myself!Even Sim Ness was getting annoyed at my indecisiveness...So she started talking to her pretend friendsAwww, but then things got a bit violent after that, so I suggested a trip out...She was like "cools"HELLS YEH!!!VROOM VROOM.LMAO, no.One more for effect: "you know you want this"Bit empty for a town I smell or sumfin?Boringsz. Let's find something to swing on...YAAAYYYHigher! Invisible friend HIGHER!TOO HIGH TOO HIGH!!!Run Ness Run...Hey! Steps!Ok, let me get this right, first left foot then right foot...

I got up to some pretty boring random shiz at this point, until I ended up at the Fire Station. I thought I'd perve on some hot Fireries, but the damn place was empty! To think I put my safety in these bludgers hands! However, was a good opportunity for...Photo OP! "Liek I can't believ I am standin' next ta a real Fire truck!"Ooo..POLE! Time to perfect my moves.My hands are slipping!Ker-SPLAT! FOOL! I said dance not climb the pole!Stop crying, you'll never be the best pole dancer in Twinbrook at this rate!That's more like it! "Next up on the pole Gents: Miss Lochness" DA NA NAOooo, work it girlfriend!
(May I just say, sliding down the pole is a total rip off, I never saw any sliding, I just saw some screen spinage and then she was at the bottom floor. Pfft)Who can resist a trampoline?Err...UFFO! UFFO! (Unidentified Flying Fat Object)
She kept bouncing around for a while, so I decided to divert my attention elsewhere. When I came back to her, I found her here:Taking the back entrance eh?Where the hell are we?NO NO NO NO! No tattoos young lady! Not til your 45!Yeah, lets go play in the graveyard. That seems appropriate...Pretty. Why is she still standing there?Now now, don't you be getting ideas young lady! Ponds are for viewing, not bathing.Too freakin late.Don't drown now. That would be a shame.Proud of yourself aren't ya?

Then my screen went BLUE! And the speakers kept breaking up and I had to reload and then I got bored. :D

For your convenience, an Australian to English dictionary:

Fireries: Another word for Firefighters. Like, for instance Ambulance officers or Paramedics (EMTS) are known as Ambos down here :D
Bludgers: People who do absolutely nothing at work or home, or anywhere for that matter.


Arcanalia said...

I still don't have Ambitions. I'm falling well behind on EP's now. And Sim Ness is pretty!

EvaTer said...

LOL Miss L !! :D
Do love your Sim stories, they put a real big smile on my face !!

Thanks !!

Miss Lochness said...

LOL, thanks guys! Kinda sucked that I had to cut it short. Maybe I will pick up where I left off a bit later on :D

Alex lost in Sims said...

OH MY GOD. THAT HAPPENED TO ME. Your lucky you didnt save! It ruined my games!