Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Round 4: Gabourney Patton

Round 4 of me and Eva's little competition!

This round the theme was FREE. Yes, FREE. Everything used on the sim has to be freely accessible and downloadable. No PAY, DONATION, whatever you want to call it. None of that. So, everything you see on both of our sims is freely available. (Some sites may require registration, TSR/MTS etc, but you do not have to pay to download the CC).
CC used on Gabourney:
Raon 27 Fixed by Tum Tum Simiolino
Default "Oh My Eyes" by Escand
Juicy Eyebrows by Shyne
Candy Crush Eyeshadow by LFB
Eyeliner K by Watermelon
SoftGLO Blush by KittyKlan
Freckles by LFB
Playing Beatie Bow Lipgloss by Shyne
NV1 Sunny Skin by Ephemera
Navy Floral Peasant Top by ILikeMusic640
Denim Shorts by ILikeMusic640
Leather Sandals by ILikeMusic640
Festival Dress by ILikeMusic640
Designer Cage Wedges by ILikeMusic640
Necklace by Tomislaw
Soft Bra Top by All About Style
Boyfriend Shorts by All About Style
Basics Tucked Tank by ILikeMusic640
Basics Plain Shorts by ILikeMusic640
Toms Shoes For Women by ILikeMusic640
Bikini by Liana


Sliders/Expansions Used:
- Generations or Patch 1.22
- Ahmad's Facial Sliders [here]
- Jonha's 10 Body Sliders [here]
- Hermi's Lip Slider [here]
- Tum Tum's Cleft Chin Slider [here]
- aWT's Slider Hack (x2, CAS Basics) [here]

NOTE: I do not know how she will appear in game without Hermi's lip slider. I imagine her lips will go back to pudding. I suggest downloading this slider (as well as Tum's cleft chin slider) if you wish for this sim to retain her features ^-^

Chin Zia by EvaTer


Tomislaw said...

She is really very pretty :)
How a pity that she require hacks what I don't prefer. :(

Sackgirl said...

She looks fantastic. I love the freckles and her nose. I don't mind the sliders. I have them all. I would be lost without my sliders. I really like the swiiming suit too. Great work.

Miss Lochness said...

Thanks guys!!! xD

@ Tomo: You can still have her, just her lips won't have that nice curve in them :) Oh and her skin is ND, are you still not using ND skins?

@ Sackgirl: I would be lost too!! <3

EvaTer said...

Gabourney is just like her name ! Stunning and beautiful ! <3
I love her looks and the hairstyle used, makes her look sweet and adorable !! <3

Miss Lochness said...

Awwww, thankies Eva xD

I was going for adorable, I sort of based her off Dawn from Buffy xD

Jaedub said...

She looks awesome!

Shyne said...

Reow! <3

Euphoria Daisy said...

WOW! She's gorgeous, thank-you for sharing.

Juliana said...

Freckles, freckles, freckles! \o/ I love freckles.
She is so beautiful *-*

Miss Lochness said...

Thanks guys!!! <3 <3 <3

I love freckles too, I should make more sims with them :)

Pistolkitten said...

She is absolutely gorgeous

I need to look at getting some sliders actually, start looking at creating some really unique sims.

I had issues trying to find a slider hack that worked last time I tried, but now I'm fully updated with Generations I might have to try the sliders you use.

Miss Lochness said...

Thanks Pistolkitten :)

aWT's slider hack works fine in my game, no problems. I highly recommend it :) There are more sliders out there than the ones I use, but these give me some pretty good results :)

Nox said...

such a playful and naughty beauty. thank you for sharing with us.

Miss Lochness said...

You're welcome! xD Thank you for the comment :)