Thursday, April 14, 2011

Still learning the ropes...

I am still testing out the various filters/effects/stuff with GIMP. I showed you guys my first little attempts at editing. I have the "soft glow" and "sparkle" settings down pat, but I wanted to try some new stuff. I always love how Evie edits her images, so I asked her for some help today. She gave me a bunch of custom curves to download. These pics are my first attempts at using them. Needs some more work.

I've begun practising on "cut-outs", mainly just lettering and stuff. I tried a sim today and it was so awful. I will keep at it though!!

That's pretty much what I've been up to lately, this and my legacy. I've become sort of passionate about taking images and purdy stuff rather than making sims. I have made some new ones though, hopefully I will upload something soon.

Take care guys!


ES Darkman said...

first screen is so funny))

Miss Lochness said...

Hahaha I love it when they stick their butts in the sprinkler. :D

EvaTer said...

LOL funny piccies Miss L !! :D

Q-Girl said...

So funny Miss L I love these piccies...awesome job!

Ariz, Larz and Cholez said...

OMG these look amazing!!
The first pic is hilarious.
You butt shaking sims you!
And the lighting in the second is GORGEOUS!
Keep it up! I loove looking at purdy pictures. :>


Miss Lochness said...

Thankies Eva and Q-Ball ♥

ARIIZZZ! I have missed you're young self and those simmehs of yours. Welcome back :) Thankies for the compliments :) Much to learn, but I will be posting my progress :D