Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big, Blonde & Beautiful...

CC used on Paige:

Newsea's Di-Dar Hair
Escand's "Oh My Eyes" (Non-Default)
Eyebrows by Daluved
Candy Crush by LFB
Basic Eyeliner by Flinn
SoftGLO Blush by Kitty Klan
Lipgloss by Channy & Vivin
Beauty Spot by Pralinesims
LFB's Default Busty St Claire Skin
LFB's Default Silk Face Skin
"My Soul" Set by Hasel
Shoes are WA
Spring Sundress by Harmonia09
Heels are LN
"Blow" Swimwear & Sleepwear set by Hasel
Sport Jumpsuit by Icia
Adidas Sneakers by Hasel
Two Piece Geometric Bikini by Saliwa
Heart Bracelet by Natalis

DOWNLOAD (4Shared)
DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

You will need:
- Late Night

If you plan to tweak:
- Ahmad's Facial Sliders [here]
- Jonha's Body Sliders [here]

I highly recommend Jonha's sliders if you plan to DO anything to her body shape. She was slidered extensively to achieve that shape. If you plan to touch anything, then please download the sliders otherwise she will "snap" back to EA pudding.

This simmeh is a gift to EvaTer. She had requested for me to make a simmeh of the Dutch plus size model Eva. Hope you like her Miss E ♥


Anonymous said...

Great work!! :D

Jaedub said...

she looks great! im jaedub,im new to blog stuff and just discovered your site!Looks good XD!

Miss Lochness said...

Thank you! ♥

Welcome Jaedub! XD

EvaTer said...

She's incredible !! She's the most beautiful simmeh I've ever seen !!

Thanks for creating her, Miss L !! <3

Miss Lochness said...

You are so very welcome my dear :D I had far too much fun making her! :) Perfected my curvy sim skills I think. ;)

Emily said...

I lurv her! She's gorgeous (:

Miss Lochness said...

Thank you Emily!! ♥