Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nicely done people, NICE.

I think I give up now.

Read this: What a WONDERFUL world we live in!

Firstly, I posted that second sim cause someone said they couldn't wait for me to release it. Also, the "plasticness" of his nose is because of Subaxi's skin. Not my fault. Shocking I know.

To the last Anon who seems to have never learnt the meaning of being polite, I must say your rudeness amazes even me and I'm quite capable of being downright rude to people. I also appreciate your enthusiasm at trying to get it through to me that I need to stop releasing the shit I make. Nice.

The most shocking part of it all is that I do not think it is fair to compare two creators to each other or to even bring another creator up. If you have a problem with my stuff, then please do not bring Ariz into it. I don't think its right to drag the poor girl into that. I will agree though, her sims do "shit" all over mine. That is definitly true.

Lastly, everything else that was said, Claeric's comment included, I don't care about. Everyone has their opinion and a right to voice to it. However, blatantly attacking someone and trying to bring someone else into it is just WRONG! I'm presuming that perhaps the first Anon who mentioned Ariz thinks that perhaps I get more attention or something than she does and thats fair. I believe Ariz deserves massive props for the sims she makes, I really do.

I didn't realise I was running a production line. I thought I was making sims that I play with and releasing them for others who may like them. MY BAD.

I've kept quiet and ignored the comments I've recieved, but today was just the icing on the cake. I'm sure plenty of people are just gonna go "oh ignore it" but I'm tired of ignoring it.

I do NOT have to do this, I choose to. I have to listen to whiny doctors and bitchy coworkers and pain in the ass family members everyday when I go to work and I come home and play The Sims to relax from all of that. HOME should be where you do NOT have to put up with this stuff. Yet, I find myself having to read through this drivel. Yes, I don't have to read the comments, but I do actually care about people who have something valid to say and tips on how I can improve. Problem is, I DID change my noses up and I still got the same comments. SO what gives? Ya'll win okay, my sims suck now, I have no talent left, whatever.

I'm leaving it to people who are much more talented than me and I don't need to mention who they are, cause everyone already knows. Thank you to all the people who followed my blog and who did like my sims. I appreciated it. Joe, thanks for featuring my stuff on MS3B. I'm sorry that you've actually had to delete some of your entries because of the above nonsense. Plus, big shout out to my buddies who have supported my stuff and have been true friends, ya'll know who you are. But I'm afraid...

I've had it and I quit.


EvaTer said...

OK, I'm officially in mourning !!
And I'll go with the first reaction, which came to me... I'm gonna support my buddy and I'm gonna quit too !!
I was going to post a new Sim today, but I won't, anymore !

Ness, you're prob gonna say, "No" and that I have to go on making Sims, but I won't !!
I've just had it with those people, hurting my friends !!!

Evie said...

I know how you feel love. I, like you tried ignoring it and it didn't work, its like people don't know when to stop being so hateful. I constantly get bashed at MS3B over my creations. I've tried ignoring it, I've tried posting about it on my blog, I've tried sinking to their level, I've tried it all. Now I'm to the point where I 100% just don't care anymore. Don't stop creating, I for one thought your sims were divine. I was going to post on that thread but that would have just been fuel to their fire, so I didn't.

Don't stop doing what you're doing, they will never change, I guess all we can do is be the better person and not give a crap what they think. (even though its not possible)

keep your head up!

Arcanalia said...

I for one absolutely ADORE your sims. But I also understand that enough is enough and they've stepped well over the line. I don't see how people who cannot create themselves can sit there and bash someone's creation. Opinions are opinions but going out there to directly insult someone and being downright rude is another matter entirely.

As for you having no talent, that's ridiculous. I consider myself to be pretty honest and quite frankly you make the best sims out there. I'm not just saying that either.

They're not going to change, and as Evie pointed out you're not the only one either. It's very sad that the community has come down to this, but there are people who appreciate and love your sims.

I'm behind you whatever you choose to do. I'm sorry that this happened. *hugs*

Karolina F said...

Oh NO! Please tell me this is a nightmare or something? DON'T LET THEM DO THIS. Seriosly, it's just freaking people that have so low self-confidence that they have to let other people down. You're SO talented and this is DO wrong. WRONG. WRONG. Ohmygosh. I can tell ya something: My whole city is populated by your sims. I love them. AND I can't BARELY survive if you stop keep up your good work. I really hope you understand how fantastic they are. Really. And how good you are at creating them. Seriously, I hate anons with stupid comments. They can dig themself down somewhere (okay, I don't know I you can say that in English but anyway). OH PLEASE COME BACK. :(
I know it's hard to ignore those .... people but I PROMISE there are a lot more people than that who really loves your creations...
I'm sorry for my bad English but I think you understand the most of what I've wrote.

Keep your head held high and I really want to know... okay, I think you DO know that you're so much better than all idiots out there.

Anonymous said...

Just ignore them . Sometimes I feel a little sad when I see gorgeous sims and other stuffs being mistreated by that fugly anons . Don't feel sad, Miss Lochness :)

chobits said...

Your sims are amazing, don't let those low lives get you down! People like you and a lot of other amazing creator's inspired me to share my creations! I just can't see the Sims community without your work being involved! :(

Anonymous said...

D'awww! Am a lurker, but I just wanted to drop by and say that I ♥ your sims very much -- I think you're very talented!

Don't take the My Sims 3 Blog comments to heart. The comments there, on almost every single upload, are ridiculous. It's just a bunch of trolls (honestly, the trolls there spam the comments, one comment after the other, pretending to be different anons), and not a true reflection of what the community thinks.

:) {{{hugs}}} Here's hoping you change your mind and come back at some point!

Ariz, Larz and Cholez said...

"her sims do "shit" all over mine."
Whoa! Sorry to burst your bubble, but you make AMAZING sims. some of the best I've ever seen. The anaons over at MS3B have no idea what they are talking about. If you quit sharing sims because it is becoming stressful and unenjoyable then I agree. But if you stop sharing sims because of something a few anons said then you are quitting for all the wrong reasons. I adore your sims and will miss you very very much if you quit. And I know countless others agree with me.


Icia said...

first of all sorry for my english (i speak spanish) but i will do my best to write something that you can understand xD.
You would probably don´t know me, my name is Patricia and i call myself in the "sims world" as Icia or Icia23 (i make some stuffs clothes for sims3 or better said i tried xD)...
Anyway i love your sims and the effort that you put on them is awesome and everybody can see that in the result, make sims its just so subjective... but you should be happy about the people who still support you and like your sims. I know that in MS3B anons can be rude or disgusting or just stupid people ( i pass for that too) but i love make clothes and i still doing that because it's a fucking awesome hobbie for me , and just like you said it's a choice and you shouldn't choose stop creating sims ... you are a talented girl so please don't .

i wish i could speak english better to make myself clear and tell you exactly what i think xD.
i want you to know that i like to be in the anon world and the only reason that i create this account it's for write something here :P

Icia =)

Miss Lochness said...

I love all you guys XD Thanks again for the support. :)