Saturday, September 4, 2010

Here comes the bride, all dressed in...a pink Miley Cyrus dress.

I got creative last night and I decided to style all my sim girls, so they were all ready for Finn's big day. Yes, my Finnie is getting married to Mr Caspar, but I haven't even bothered to actually do the wedding itself yet. I was just having fun dressing them and then I had fun photo snapping them :DAbout half way through styling all my lovelies, I thought to myself "is this Finn's wedding or Miss L's wedding?". LOL. Reason I thought that, well firstly the bridesmaids all have dresses in the colours and styles I want (for when parrallel universes come into existance and somehow I end up engaged). Also, the flowers, I'm loving the flowers. As for Finn's's the closest I could find to something I would actually wear (shock). All these big huge frilly, bowey, massive pompadour dresses they have out there, SCARE ME! What happened to normal nice dresses.

Will update soon with Aimee and Eirene. I swears.

P.S. For those who may have caught a glimpse of the now deleted post from last night, I feel better about that situation. I had a rather...interesting evening last night and I was upset, but after speaking to the lovely Miss Eva (Oi, check out her blog yeahs) things are in perspective now. Haven't made a decision as yet about what I will do, but she has definitely guided me in the right direction. Thanks Eva! *Hugs*

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EvaTer said...

Ohh a wedding !! Fairy tale stuff !! <3

Thanks for you sweet comment ! I'm glad I was able to help out a bit !! I hope the issue get's sorted properly and in the right way though !
Don't forget, always there for you to help !! ;)