Saturday, May 29, 2010

3 New Sims and 2 makeovers!

Hello to my 1 follower! Woot!

Well, I was bored the past few days and since I had like 3 days off to kill, I made some new sims. I have no idea if I'll bother to upload them, but if people show an interest, then I'll give it shot.

My first Sim is a remake of a Sims 2 simmie I made. Her name is Temperley Khamvongsa, she's supposed to be a mix of Lakota/Laos/Irish. She was the spawn of my former Sims 2 sim, so that's where the Laos/Irish thing comes from. The Lakota, is my love of Native American culture...and men. :P

My next Sim, is Temperley's older sister Emery. She's also a remake of a Sims 2 sim, but she wasn't originally Temperley's sister. She was her Aunty. She's also the first Adult sim, I've made in the Sims 3. I don't like how their face gets so old and crap in the game. Like droopy. But anyways, here she is:

I'm a big fan of Mia Sable, whose kind of an indie artist from L.A. She's fantastic and I was listening to her new album while fighting with my PC, who decided to not recognise my iPod anymore. Anyway, I made a Sim of her when I first got the Sims 3, but my game crashed and I never bothered to try again. It's not a very good likeness of her, but smeh. I think she's pretty anyway.

This is a makeover I gave to a sim I found in CAS. I named her Seraphina and gave her some tatts!

Lastly, this is a makeover I gave to Agnes Crumpelbottom (?spelling). I also renamed her Lily, I'm not fond of Agnes. Anyway:

Well, I better be heading off to work. Not even half ready yet. HA! Stupid need money to live garbage. Well, til next time.

Simmmmm away!

- Miss LochNess.


Lady Valeria (Yautjagirl) said...

i love your sims and photos, great job!

Lushness Sims said...

Hey Nessy , I love your photos :P

Could you upload the third sim please? I loves her! :o ♥