Thursday, September 29, 2011

Round 6: Florence Fury

Alas, we are at round 6 and the reason I do not create fantasy sims has been brought into the light!

Basically, Eva gave the suggestion of perhaps creating something different this round. Something fantasy-ish. So, the decision was made to create some elemental sims. I was given Fire and Eva has Water. The only way I could think of to "tackle" this was to try and go a bit old school. I've never been good at creating something otherwordly, so I am not at all proud of what I have made. She will suffice however. There is whole lot of ideas going on with this sim, she's a bit fantasy, bit lolz, bit steampunk meets Captain Sparrow and a bit WTF. I was watching The Vampires of Venice (Doctor Who) while making her, so there's a bit of that thrown in there too. Anyway...

Here is Florence Fury!
I did edit these images in GIMP. All I have done is reworked the lighting a bit and played around with the colour of the images. I haven't added in anything fancy. The original screenshots were crappy and weren't giving me the effect I wanted at all. Plus, I was too lazy to do anything magnificent with my images :) Onto the pic spamage!De-maskedCC used on Florence:
Hair - Base game (Default Retexture by Aikea Guinea)
Default "Oh My Eyes" by Escand
Perfect Eyebrows converted by Daluved
Fierce Eyeblush Set by LFB
Eyeliner K by Watermelon
Lipgloss by The Sims World
Non-default Slave Skin by Aikea Guinea (converted by Araenna)
Stiletto Long Nails by Natalis
Steampunk Addiction Top by Meronin
Steampunk Addiction Pants by Meronin
Steampunk Addiction Elegant Boots by Meronin
The Daylight Glare Mask by Meronin
Melatonia Earrings by Meronin
From The Darkness Dress by Meronin
Full Body Slinky 1 Piece Lingere by Saliwa
Petite Bikini Top by Saliwa
Lotus Pyjama Pants by Harmonia
Dance Commander Heels by Miraminkova
Exotic Set Accessories Chain Monokini by Harmonia


Sliders/Expansions Used:
- Made with Patch 1.24
- Ahmad's Facial Sliders [here]
- Jonha's 10 Body Sliders [here]
- Hermi's Lip Shape Slider [here]
- aWT's GEOM Upper Lip Sliders [here]
- aWT's Slider Hack (x2, CAS Basics) [here]

Sonya Dell'Aqua by EvaTer!


Sackgirl said...

Wow, she looks so real. She looks amazing. I love the clothes too. Her face has such character. Well done.

Miss Lochness said...

Thanks Sackgirl! <3

EvaTer said...

HAWT !! She's furiously hawt !! I really LOVE what you have done with the theme !! <3 *Applauds* Amazingful !! xD

Jaedub said...

OOhhh,MissL,She is so beautiful!I really love what you did with this project!!!Im so happy to see the face mask,I have it too but never had the chance to use it!Great use for it,matches her perfectly.I love all her outfits too!
Awesome job,cant wait to see more!! <3<3<3

Alex lost in Sims said...

Shes on fire! Not just literally ;) Love her Nessy :D

Shyne said...

Love! So much EDGE! De-Masked she is SO gorgeous. I want!

Miss Lochness said...

Thank you so much everyone!!! <3 <3 <3

I'm glad you all like her xD