Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marie Jacques: Lady of The French Quarter

CC used on Marie:

Boots by Aikea Guinea (Part of the Emilie Autumn Set)

Download [4 Shared]
Download [Mediafire]

You will need:
- Late Night
- Jonha's Body Sliders [here]

*To those who tried to download Marie and found 404 errors, I have fixed the links*

I "attempted" to make a lady of Creole descent. I don't think I've done that well, but I still like her. Obviously there is more to making a sim of Creole desecent than just lighter hair and green eyes. The characteristics of one person can differ significantly to another. They are a mix of many different cultures, not just French and African. Nevertheless, I tried. I hope someone likes her :)

I have GIMP'ed these images. The initial shots I took were FAR too DARK. I have lightened them and perhaps made them glow. I know, naughty. Last time I GIMP, I promise. I also added in the writing cause the images on their own were boring.

Night everyone!


EvaTer said...

She's gorgeous !! Absolutely fabulous simmeh, Miss L !! <3

Ernesto Cassenda said...

I'm having a deja vu with this one... was it a WIP or was it published elsewhere? Hmmmmmm

Ernesto Cassenda said...

Hey but she's hot! Definitely a powerful breading machine =)

Jenn Bake said...

Im not able to download her. When I click on the links I get The webpage cannot be found. :(

Miss Lochness said...

Sorry. I stuffed up the links :( Should be all fixed now.

Miss Lochness said...

^^ It was a WIP from last year xD

Alan_Gast said...

I love her. :)

Miss Lochness said...

Thank you Alan ♥

Ernesto Cassenda said...

someone is being lazy lately? Or very very busy? hm?

Miss Lochness said...

Very very busy, with some lazy thrown in xD

Polisheddia_mondGirl said...

Hola! Tus creaciones son excepcionales, he agregado tu blog a el mio. Puedes verlo aquí: http://promisetobe.blogspot.com

I like it.

Un Saludo, desde españa^^

Miss Lochness said...

Thank you xD