Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hugo Dean

Hair - Late Night
Eyes (ND "Oh My" Eyes)
Eyebrows (No. 5)
Facial Hair
TummyZa's Hairy Non - Default Skin

Shirt with Scarf - Late Night
Worn Out Jeans with Chains by Arisuka
Chucks - Base Game
Lip Piercing by Winry
RUSTY Homme? C by RustyNail
Boots - Late Night
Mr A. Underwear by RustyNail
Pants by Myos
Boardshorts - Base Game

Download (Mediafire)
Download (4 Shared)

Required sliders and such:
- Late Night

Don't make fun of his underwear, he might cry. I highly suggest looking at his ass though, apparently it says something about him being my patient tonight or some such nonsense. :P


kawfeczka said...

I looove this Sim so handsome!! great job :)

Miss Lochness said...

Thank you! For once a dude I made doesn't resemble a chick. LOL :D

Evie said...

This is by FAR the best male sim I have ever seen.

chobits said...

WOW!!!! He is so very cool looking! He will definitely be making a visit in my Sim town!!!

Alex lost in Sims said...

<3 It's Alex from Fb and as always... KAWAII!!! <3 He would make so hawt babies with my femme sims ;D

Miss Lochness said...

Thanks guys!!!! :D :D ♥

Anonymous said...

A great sim.. Thanks for sharing..:D

EvaTer said...

Cute & hawt, Miss L !! Hugo is gorgeous !! <3

Miss Lochness said...

You're welcome!

Thankies!! ♥