Saturday, January 22, 2011

PREVIEW: The Kristoffersen Sisters




CC used in the above images:
Hair - Peggy & Newsea
Eyes - Shady @ MTS
Eyebrows - Susan, Praline & MissDayDreams @ TSR
Eyeliner - Aarin @ MTS
Blush - KittyKlan
Lips - The Sims World, Praline and LemonLeaf
Skin - LadyFrontbum
Tops - Icia & Saliwa @ TSR
Pants - Miraminkova & Icia @ TSR
Shoes - Gosik and Birba @ TSR
Accessories: NataliS, Tum Tum Simolino and Kadri.

Aren't they purdy?


EvaTer said...

The sure are purdy Miss L !! Pieces of art, I would say ;)

Very much like your new layout and especially the font you're using !!<3

Miss Lochness said...

Awww, thank you Eva ♥

This layout took me forever. :D It's just a Blogger template with some serious modification :D

EvaTer said...

It sure shows, I think the layout is awesome !! ;)

HannahJo said...

Love them! They're beautiful!

Miss Lochness said...

Thank you! :D

HannahJo said...

Did you use sliders on them?

zarmor said...

They look so cute, can't wait to download them !!

Congratulations on your good work !

Miss Lochness said...

Hannah Jo - Yes I did. I have succumbed to using sliders. :( LOL. I don't think I could have achieved the look without them though. :)

Zarmor - Thank you!! ♥

QuileuteGirl said...

Agh the girls look wonderful Miss L, and the pictures you took of them are perfect...sorry for taking so long to get here though x

HannahJo said...

Lol that's ok. Are the sliders compatible with all the EP's I want these ladies but have nvr used sliders, so for them I will dw if I have too lol. :)

Miss Lochness said...

Thanks Q ♥!

Hannah- Sorry for my late response! You don't need the sliders if you don't plan on tweaking them in CAS. If you wanna play around with their features, then download the sliders :)

HannahJo said...

That's quite alright. I actually have a question I would love to ask you. If you read this could you email me at

I can't seem to find your email to email you but I have a few things I would love to ask you.

Thank you.